Early Learning Center

Serving students six weeks old through three years old in Milton.

Delmarva Christian Milton Campus

Serving students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in Milton.

Delmarva Christian High School

Serving students in grades nine through twelve in Georgetown.

Philosophy of Education


Parents are primarily responsible for training up their children and must play an active role in the life of their children and the school.


All students are worthy of respect as God’s creation regardless of race, creed, gender, and ethnic origin.


Our Educators use the Bible as the primary resource and strive to be godly role-models that practice lifelong learning. We never underestimate the capability of a student and work diligently to address individual learning styles.


Curriculum is designed to develop higher thinking skills by utilizing a hands-on, practical approach to furthering the Kingdom of God.

Living Curriculum

The “Living Curriculum” encompasses all experiences a DCS student is exposed to, including athletics, the arts, service to the community, and interaction with faculty and staff.


Our school sets high standards of academic excellence and provides necessary tools for students to reach those standards. DCS provides a nurturing learning environment that utilizes the latest technology.

Christian Education Community

The Christian education community should work together in a unified manner to strengthen Christian education and further the cause of Christ.