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Endeavoring to mature young people to be biblically minded, well educated, critical thinkers as they seek to discover their life calling.

School Update

Our Interim Head of School Matt Kwiatkowki shares the most current information regarding plans over the next couple of weeks as we move forward to conclude the 2019-2020 school year.

2019-2020 Sports Awards Ceremony

Join us for the 2019-2020 Sports Awards Ceremony!

This very special end-of-the-year event is hosted by our Athletic Director Jim Berger who challenges us during this time of uncertainty with the same message he gives his athletes every season–“Expect the Unexpected” and “Don’t Focus on Things that are Out of Your Control.”

Meet our outstanding student athletes and our amazing coaches as we honor our DCS Royals!!!


Looking Ahead!

Although our school building is closed, we are still at work, our students are still busy learning, and we are all available to answer any questions you may have! You may continue calling us at 302-856-4040 or click HERE to get more information.

By the way, we are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Simply click the appropriate link below to apply!

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Proclaiming the Gospel by preparing students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God's will in their lives.

I learned how to effectively articulate my beliefs.
Sydney Allen
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2005
DCHS helped me develop cherished relationships.
Abbott Wootten
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2006
DCHS instilled in me that proper choices matter.
Tyler Chaney
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2007
DCHS put me 'ahead of the curve' academically setting me up for success.
Jay Collier
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2008
Internships prepared me academically. At DCHS, I also learned how to be a better human.
Chris MacIntosh
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2009
Although academically strong, DCHS also taught how to have a well-balanced social life.
Philip Gordon
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2010
My teachers provided the tools & encouragement to achieve my God-given potential.
Mallary Gum
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2011
DCHS had a real impact on how I handle difficult situations.
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2012
DCHS helped open the doors that led me to be a missionary & teacher in Guatemala.
Jordan Carey
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2013
I have fond memories of honing-in and exploring my passions during J-Term.
Tharin White
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2014
Exceeding the standard has remained part of my life motto since attending DCHS.
Stephen Magee
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2015
The investment my teachers made in me gave me a sense of ownership and responsibility.
Shawn McCullough
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2016
Without DCHS, I don’t think I would have a real relationship with Christ.
Olivia Anderson
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2017
Grateful--DCHS put an expectation on me to be a leader.
Noah Theis
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2018
DCHS gave me the strong foundation I needed as I entered the real world
Josh Kline
DCHS Alumnus-Class of 2019