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Our Mission

Delmarva Youth Sports is offering wrestling for boys in grades 5 through 8.

Excellent Christian Education

Think you can't afford an Excellent Christian Education...Think Again!

At DCS, we strive for a higher standard in all that we do. From our highly qualified and caring faculty to our excellent facilities, a DCS education is truly uncommon. DCS students are prepared to not only to survive–but to thrive.

The Whole Student


Our teachers set high academic standards to prepare students for a path of determination in everything they do. In partnership with parents and their children, we build character as students succeed in meeting their goals.


We view every interaction as an opportunity to show students their worth and the mission they have been given to live out the Gospel.


We foster an environment that is catered to individual student needs, realizing that each student has a unique learning style and skill set. Flexibility allows for hands-on projects and greater creative thought.


Our desire is that students would leave DCS with a full understanding of the rich calling God has placed on their lives.


Just as DCS classes, chapel services, and volunteer experiences, our athletic programs are an opportunity for coaches to model the Gospel to students in a realistic and impactful way.


We offer a variety of courses and experiences based in the arts so that our students leave DCS with a well-rounded perspective.

Our Mission

Proclaiming the Gospel by preparing students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God's will in their lives.

I’m in a challenging environment where everyone is pleasant.
Class of 2016
I like the teachers. If you need help, they’ll stop and go back just for you.
Class of 2018
I’ve become stronger in my faith. I’ve grown in my knowledge of Jesus.
Class of 2015
The Bible is the center here. It has shaped my worldview.
Class of 2015