Course Selections

Start your time at Delmarva Christian High School by selecting your courses for the upcoming year. We’re always here to help.

J-Term Course Selections

J-Term is an exciting time in the life of DCHS. It provides time for students and teachers to follow their passions as they seek to know and do God’s will in their lives. For J-Term 2016 students will have opportunities to grow through local and foreign missions as well as several academic courses.

Summer Assignments

The collections that appear here feature writers that enrich readers of every age and level of interest. Our hope is that a new appreciation of literature will evolve over the summer, so that our students return to school with an enlivened sense of curiosity.

Daily School Schedules

Looking for more information on our schedules? Visit the DCHS schedules page.

Clubs, Activities, Events

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Naviance is the college guidance resource used to help students plan out and apply to the colleges and universities of their choice.