What is STP?

Working within the framework of the stated mission of Delmarva Christian High School – “to academically, physically, and spiritually prepare students to know and do God’s will for their lives” – the Senior Thesis is the culminating experience of the student’s time at DCHS. The Multiple Aims of the Senior Thesis:

  • This course will provide an opportunity for students to publicly exhibit their mastery of the academic, technical, and spiritual curriculum and defend a position on a selected topic.
  • It will also allow the student to reflect on the spiritual truths that have been made evident through the guidance and instruction of their parents, the school staff, and the community of believers.
  • It will provide a forum for the student to articulate, both in oral and written form, the Christian worldview that has been nurtured and developed within.
  • Finally, it will allow students to declare their plan and intentions to pursue God’s calling for their life.

After completing a rigorously challenging 8-weeks during which each senior crafts his or her thesis-driven paper (average: 25 pages), students move on to the final phase of STP — a Keynote Presentation with Product (the product is intended to add a tangible element to their effort).

The Keynote Presentation runs approximately 20 minutes and includes a 5-minute, in-depth question-and-answer segment with an audience. The Product is also shown and explained to the attending members of the audience at this time. Below the calendar is a list of several product websites and pages created by the students.

Many seniors invite family and friends to view their presentations, and often DCS School Board members, staff, and entire classrooms of students fill the seats to view this very special, culminating moment in the lives of our seniors.

Below you will find a Table of Topics and Student Names to help you locate topics of interest, or students who you would like to view.

The Presentation Calendar is also below and contains the dates and start times of each student’s presentation.

Important notes:

  • Last minute changes to the schedule are occasionally required.
  • You may want to verify with the student before planning to attend their presentation.
  • The doors to the presentation room close promptly at the time listed in the calendar.
  • Please plan to arrive at least FIVE minutes early to allow everyone to be seated.
  • The doors will not be re-opened once a student has begun his/her presentation.

May 2020

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Drew McCullough
  • Chris Vonhof
  • Hope Kline
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Josh Desiderio
  • Isabel Dypsky
  • Molly Pugh
  • Chloe McCabe
  • Brooke Tolson
  • Matt Jensen
  • Caitlin Milliken
  • Bruce Hermann
  • Seth Stevens
  • Ashlyn Stonebraker
  • Savannah Stewart
  • Wyatt Kwiatkowski
  • Devyn Andrews
  • Noah Walton
  • Laney Hassett
  • Mackenzie Hopkins
  • Abby Agapito
  • Christina Flaherty
  • Nathan Moyer
  • Hunter DiFava
  • Joseph Jones
  • Tyler Hudson
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jaylah Culver
  • Layton Rush
  • Josh Azeltine
  • Jorja Eppehimer
  • Ashley Kim
  • Jabre’a Purnell
  • Logan Tyler
  • Andrew Workman
  • Reagan Theis
  • Allan Cao
  • Michael Briggs
  • Leah Schlabach
  • Mia Rembold
  • Brayden Smith
  • Lily Koster

STP 2019 Topics and Presentations

Student NameSTP Title and SubtitleSTP ThesisPeriodPresentation
Drew McCulloughNo Greater Love: The Case For Traditional MarriageThe present day culture says that Biblical marriage is unnecessary, outdated, and unimportant, but marriage should be valued and viewed as tremendously special because it was created by God to represent how much Christ loves His church, also to give man a helper as well as for one's enjoyment and protection from loneliness, and various illnesses.1st PeriodMonday May 4th at 8:25am
Christopher VonhofNegativity of Debt in our CultureAlthough some people will say that debt is just a necessary part of culture, the reality is that debt is a negative part of our culture and we have to fix our spending habits, and learn how to save and invest, since debt is affecting us mentally, physically and spiritually.2nd PeriodMonday May 4th at 9:55am
Hope KlineAnti-Social Media: The Negative Effect of Social MediaAlthough most adolescents reason that social media is an effective tool for communicating and finding more enjoyment in life, hours on social media should be lessened and the dangers of it need to be communicated more often, because in reality social media creates a decline in young teens' mental health and controls the way people live their lives.
2nd PeriodMonday May 4th at 10:25am
Ethan JohnsonEvolution: The Overlooked ScienceTradition has been a staple in society for countless years and has been the root of blind following out of a respect for elders or those that came before them, and the Christian community is no exception to this because as society continues to grow, they refuse to adapt to new ideas. One of these ideas is evolution, a theory that seeks to improve the understanding of the process of life which does not seek to desecrate Christianity, contrary to popular belief, but rather come alongside it and help them to gain a better understanding of the world using science and reason.2nd PeriodMonday May 4th at 10:55am
Joshua DesiderioA Fallen Culture: How Complacency Is Destroying Modern Christian SocietyAlthough, over the past decade, many Christians maintain that conformity to certain aspects of today's worldly culture is acceptable or even necessary. Believers must be more discerning and wise regarding music and media in order to protect their spiritual well-being and present a better example to others of the character of God.
3rd PeriodMonday May 4th at 12:10pm
Isabel DypskySpark of creativity: Why we should better integrate the arts into schoolsAlthough the common stigma around the arts is that they are not important, a proper balance between the arts, sports, and primary education should be established in schools, because when a students' ability to study the arts is limited, future advances are hindered, also, some students' true potentials are stifled.3rd PeriodMonday May 4th at 12:45pm
Molly PughWhy Churches Should Become Involved with MissionsWhile it is important to focus on the needs of the members of those within each church, it is necessary that pastors are educating their congregations on the importance of missions, specifically giving to missions, as missionaries' lives depend on financial aid and prayers of believers, and are spending time focusing on how missions impacts every individual including those who contribute from behind the scenes.2nd PeriodTuesday May 5th at 9:55am
Chloe McCabeFinancial Planning: The impact the course has on student's futuresDespite the budgeting issues and the risk of hiring unqualified teachers, having a required class dedicated to financial planning in all schools will help students eliminate unnecessary debt and feel better prepared for their lives.
2nd PeriodTuesday May 5th at 10:25am
Brooke TolsonSocial Media: The effect on communicationAlthough social media is said to have negative effects on mental health because of too much screen time and limiting contact with people face to face, social media is a positive thing that can help businesses grow and it helps communication and keeps relationships connected even at long distances.
2nd PeriodTuesday May 5th at 10:55am
Matt JensenVolunteer firefighting: the dying legacyWhile some believe financial incentives will solve the problem regarding the decline in volunteer firefighting, promoting the positive benefits of volunteering will have a greater impact because philosophy can be more powerful than finances, and communities with limited financial resources can rely on the power of internal motivation.2nd PeriodWednesday May 6th at 10:00am
Caitlin MillikenRecognizing Climate Change: Replacing Opinion with Scientific FactDespite the tendency in America to disregard climate change and its recent progression due to an abundance of opinion over fact, humans have a responsibility to recognize and reduce climate change and its potential global effects seen in rising global temperatures and sea levels, extreme weather conditions, and alterations in wildlife habitats and populations.2nd PeriodWednesday May 6th at 10:45am
Bruce HermannTechnological Literacy: Its Deep Importance To Modern LifeThe ever increasing problem of technological literacy facing society, especially senior citizens, can be calmed by in person seminars teaching basic programs because of the ease of accessibility and the necessity for in person teaching at the beginning; however, some people think they do not need to learn technology which is problematic in today's society.
3rd PeriodWednesday May 6th at 12:45pm
Seth StevensSenior Healthcare: Why In-home Healthcare is the best option for a dependent loved oneAlthough it is customary to place a loved one in a nursing home or under the care of a family member, the overall health of the individual and the family are most benefited from a professional caregiver within the home due to improvements in mental and emotional well-being, as well as promotion of more self-sufficiency.1st PeriodThursday May 7th at 9:15am
Ashlyn StonebrakerThe Super Teacher: How Teacher Direction Promotes a Positive Learning ExperienceDespite the fact that a child's learning can hinge on their circumstance, student success can be increased in a unique learner, who possesses strengths and weaknesses, by the direction of an effective teacher with a calling to do the work, compassion for the children at hand, and training in the field, to ultimately promote a more positive learning experience.2nd PeriodThursday May 7th at 10:00am
Savannah StewartThe negative effects abortion has on societyAlthough aborting a baby is often time seen as a beneficial decision to make throughout a mother's pregnancy, abortion also negatively impacts society as a whole since it can indoctrinate immoral thoughts into younger generations, hurt our country financially, and can also cause the mother of the child to have detrimental lifelong side effects.
2nd PeriodThursday May 7th at 10:45am
Wyatt KwiatkowskiCollege Before the Pros: Athletes Should Earn a College Degree Before Entering the NBAAlthough some basketball players may view college as only another step to professional sports, athletes should earn a college degree before playing sports on a professional level to grow as an athlete in the sport they play, further their education, and give them a chance to mature throughout their college careers.3rd PeriodThursday May 7th at 12:45pm
Devyn AndrewsNature vs Nurture: The Influence Behind the 'Creation' of a CriminalAlthough it is argued that biological makeup is what predisposes an individual towards criminal behavior, the brain's dependency on stimulus reaction, the consistent statistics of criminals without chemical deficiencies, and the influential psychological patterns of those convicted, demonstrate that the nurture of an individual is what ultimately influences the 'creation' of a criminal.1st PeriodFriday May 8th at 8:25am
Noah WaltonThe Christian Business: How Christians can Influence Politics Through Business.Although Christians campaigning for a political office are often ignored and dismissed, a Christian is best equipped to impact society through business in order to address the political stereotypes, biblical views of morality, and freedoms needed to live according to their Christian worldview.1st PeriodFriday May 8th at 9:15am
Laney HassettOut of Sight, Out of Mind : Why adolescents with Mental Illnesses are not being diagnosed or treatedAlthough many adults maintain that adolescents are experiencing normal 'teenage issues,' anxiety and depression rates in teenagers are rapidly growing due to the lack of treatment and diagnosis caused by the toxic fear of being different in teens, the fear of being open with mental health, and the lack of mental health screenings in schools.
2nd PeriodFriday May 8th at 9:55am
Mackenzie HopkinsFoster Care: The Aging Out SystemAlthough safe housing is tremendous support for those in foster care, practical life skill training is also necessary, such as employment readiness and financial literacy, which are skills needed as an adult to increase the chance of success with a continued favorable outcome and avoid insurmountable problems2nd PeriodFriday May 8th at 10:25am
Abby AgapitoIt's Worth a Shot: How Myths on Vaccines are Detrimental to Society's HealthDespite the advancement in research on vaccinations, education is needed to combat misconceptions circulating within society that globally increase susceptibility to diseases.2nd PeriodFriday May 8th at 10:55am
Christina FlahertyA Colorless Future: The Cultural Value of Art and the Importance of Keeping it AliveAlthough in recent years the arts have experienced a gradual decline in cultural worth, a rise in representation, value, and funding is necessary and will promote artistic production, contentment, and equal opportunity for artists.3rd PeriodFriday May 8th at 12:45pm
Nathan MoyerConquering Stress: How Physical Activity is the Ultimate Solution for Stress ReliefAlthough numerous studies are completed by organizations for finding the most prominent ways of relieving stress and reducing obesity through leisure activities, the best way to reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration, and improve one's mental health, according to healthcare professionals, is with physical activity through exercise and sports."
1st PeriodMonday May 11th at 8:25am
Hunter DiFavaDeath Penalty ReformAlthough the death penalty is believed by some to be an effective way of deterring criminals, sentencing an individual to capital punishment in the United States needs to be reformed due to high wrongful execution rates, lack of constiency in methods used, and the long process of carrying out this punishment.
2nd PeriodMonday May 11th at 9:55am
Joseph JonesPesticides: How pesticides have a positive and negation affect on our community.Although pesticides are commonly used in agriculture today, the public should be better educated on the pros and cons of pesticides to keep the environment and living organisms safe and ensure proper use of the chemicals.
2nd PeriodMonday May 11th at 10:25am
Tyler HudsonDistribution of Narcan: How the distribution of narcan should be facilitated.Although narcan provides life saving services and people without training can easily obtain it, only MES professionals and other personnel trained on the distribution of this drug should distribute it in order to reduce opioid usage and opioid overdoses.2nd PeriodMonday May 11th at 10:55am
Chloe WilsonSocial Media's Negative Effects on Girls' Self-Esteem
Although today can be seen as an age of growing femininity and a body positive culture, there is a visible inferiority placed on women that has ultimately led to a decrease in girls' self-esteem through social media.3rd PeriodMonday May 11th at 12:10pm
Jaylah CulverChild Development: The importance of child care in the child development stagesAlthough away from home child care has become accepted in today's society, the quality of child care has proven to be just as important if not more important to the child development process due to the fact that it is not only where a child will spend most of their time, but it is also their first taste of the outside world.3rd PeriodMonday May 11th at 12:45pm
Layton RushHow coaches are the most impactful people on a athletes lifeCoaches of young athletes have arguably one of the hardest jobs today and can influence a child even more than parents can because of how much time an athlete spends with a coach, they have the ability to take the place of a missing parental figure, and they can teach them extremely valuable life skills that they can use later in life.
1st PeriodTuesday May 12th at 8:25am
Mia BergerSocial Media's Stumbling Block: Addressing the Effects of Social Media on Mental HealthAlthough social media is superficially perceived as a positive platform for communication and socialization, users should limit exposure to it due to the disadvantages that come with involvement in it, such as increased loneliness, addiction, and severe mental health decline caused by poor self-image. 1st PeriodTuesday May 12th at 9:15am
Joshua AzeltineAnxiety and Panic disorder: the affects and issuesToday's society has placed a stigma on anxiety and panic disorders that has caused people affected by these illnesses to develop worse symptoms or even try to hide it from everyone only causing more issues.2nd PeriodTuesday May 12th at 9:55am
Jorja EppehimerTechnically, Less Is More: How Excessive Tech Use Is Harming Children's Communicative DevelopmentDespite the benefits of technology for various areas of growth and development in children, the overuse of such technology during these crucial years of childhood should be limited due to the negative impact this excessive use has on a childÕs vital language and social development through its effect on necessary parent-to-child interaction, growth of effective social skills, and education in a realistic setting.2nd PeriodTuesday May 12th at 10:25am
Ashley KimIs Body Diversity In Fashion Real Or Just Another Trend?Although brands such as Brandy Melville and Abercrombie & Fitch have grown with only a limited range of models, it is pivotal for more body diversity to be represented in the fashion industry due to brand appeal to the consumers and concerns regarding mental illnesses, specifically eating disorders, in society.2nd PeriodTuesday May 12th at 10:55am
Jabre'a PurnellThe Children Who Suffer: How Children with an Incarcerated Parent are AffectedAlthough children in today's society with an incarcerated parent can be overlooked, schools should offer opportunities for them to speak out about how they feel, because they may suffer from emotional, mental, and social problems in their environment.3rd PeriodTuesday May 12th at 12:10pm
Logan TylerJustice for officers: How officers are shown less respect then deserved.Since, in today's society, people misunderstand situations handled by the police, social media and other news outlets should be used to better educate people on the justice issues because police are criticized for taking precautions in situations, they also feel as if they have no political backing, and because those who do not behave correctly are not reprimanded.3rd PeriodTuesday May 12th at 12:45pm
Andrew WorkmanPartnering with Parents: Why Family Ministry Requires the Entire FamilyMany people in today's Church believe that ministry should stick to tradition and continue how it has always been done, but the Church should find new ways to partner with parents and equip them with the tools necessary for the spiritual and emotional growth of their children to combat society's bias against Christianity and to take action against the rate of young adults that abandon their faith.1st PeriodWednesday May 13th at 9:15am
Reagan TheisThe Anxiety Generation: How Generation Z struggle more than past generations with anxietyWhile other generations have struggled with anxiety in the past, Generation Z struggles more due to the addictive use of technology, the false sense of connection social media creates, and the academic and societal pressure they experience.
2nd PeriodThursday May 14th at 10:00am
Allan CaoWhat's better new energy vehicle or gasoline vehicle?As the new energy vehicles become more and more relevant, some people might think the new energy vehicles are compatible with electricity, which can reduce pollution compared with the traditional gasoline vehicles. However, new energy vehicles cannot replace the traditional gasoline vehicle completely due to the issues related to technology, economy, and environment.3rd PeriodThursday May 14th at 12:45pm
Michael BriggsSplit Families: The sociological and psychological effects on childrenWithin society today, it is far too common for divorce to occur because of society's twisted perception of this sacred vow; thus inflicting unnecessary responsibility upon the children within the home as well as causing them to have everlasting trust issues in their relationship with their parents, as well as any other individual in their life3rd PeriodThursday May 14th at 1:15pm
Hunter GrunewaldOpioids: How They Affect Children and Their LivesEven though doctors have decreased the number of opiate prescriptions, the use of opiates should be replaced with safer substances because opiates have been shown to have detrimental effects on family life and on children's cognitive, physical, and emotional development.
2nd PeriodThursday May 14th at 10:45am
Leah SchlabachSocialism is rising in young Americans - Why?Many young people believe that socialist policies are the proper way to solve economic disparities in the US; however this misconception could be removed if they were taught a balanced approach to economic policy and educated on previous failures of societies with socialist principles.2nd PeriodFriday May 15th at 9:55am
Mia RemboldThe Secret Life of EmotionsThe severe negative stigma and complete lack of knowledge on mental health causes a rise in mental illnesses, higher suicide rates, and acts as a roadblock for anyone entering the psychology workforce. Due to these reasons, there needs to be required mental health courses integrated into high school curriculum as well as mental health professionals in schools.2nd PeriodFriday May 15th at 10:25am
Brayden SmithHow to Rebuild Relationships: Biblical Strategies for Effective and Lasting RelationshipsAlthough one might witness many successful relationships outside Christianity, following God's principals lead to prosperous relationships, so Christians must reach out to the community sharing the gospel, mentoring people with broken or breaking relationships, using Christ's example and the Bible's teaching, because broken people lead to broken relationships and research shows that following the principles of the Bible lead to happier and healthier relationships.
2nd PeriodFriday May 15th at 10:55am
Lily KosterBeyond Closed Doors God's Creation is Suffering: A Plan of Action to Save the WorldDespite the popular belief that genetically altered livestock makes life simple and inexpensive for society, animals should not be selectively modified and unnaturally bred for human consumption since the overall consequences negatively affect our morals, our environment, and the animal's well-being.
3rd PeriodFriday May 15th at 12:10pm