What is STP?

Working within the framework of the stated mission of Delmarva Christian High School – “to academically, physically, and spiritually prepare students to know and do God’s will for their lives” – the Senior Thesis is the culminating experience of the student’s time at DCHS. The Multiple Aims of the Senior Thesis:

  • This course will provide an opportunity for students to publicly exhibit their mastery of the academic, technical, and spiritual curriculum and defend a position on a selected topic.
  • It will also allow the student to reflect on the spiritual truths that have been made evident through the guidance and instruction of their parents, the school staff, and the community of believers.
  • It will provide a forum for the student to articulate, both in oral and written form, the Christian worldview that has been nurtured and developed within.
  • Finally, it will allow students to declare their plan and intentions to pursue God’s calling for their life.

After completing a rigorously challenging 8-weeks during which each senior crafts his or her thesis-driven paper (average: 25 pages), students move on to the final phase of STP — a Keynote Presentation with Product (the product is intended to add a tangible element to their effort).

The Keynote Presentation runs approximately 20 minutes and includes a 5-minute, in-depth question-and-answer segment with an audience. The Product is also shown and explained to the attending members of the audience at this time. Below the calendar is a list of several product websites and pages created by the students.

Many seniors invite family and friends to view their presentations, and often DCS School Board members, staff, and entire classrooms of students fill the seats to view this very special, culminating moment in the lives of our seniors.

Below you will find a Table of Topics and Student Names to help you locate topics of interest, or students who you would like to view.

The Presentation Calendar is also below and contains the dates and start times of each student’s presentation.

Important notes:

  • Last minute changes to the schedule are occasionally required.
  • You may want to verify with the student before planning to attend their presentation.
  • The doors to the presentation room close promptly at the time listed in the calendar.
  • Please plan to arrive at least FIVE minutes early to allow everyone to be seated.
  • The doors will not be re-opened once a student has begun his/her presentation.

STP 2019 Topics and Presentations

Student NameSTP Title and SubtitleSTP ThesisPeriodPresentation
Carina ChristenburyThreadbare: How Temporary Fashion Creates Permanent ProblemsDespite the overwhelming positive attention that popular apparel brands receive, the practices of fast-fashion clothing companies lead to environmental disaster and human labor exploitation.1st blockMay 6th at 8:20 AM
Joshua GorguiA Devious Doppelganger: The Most Destructive Pieces Of Sin Within Young Christian AdultsAlthough young Christian adults are ambitious, strive to do what is right, and understand what sin is, the fallen nature is most potent and hidden within this phase of life due to social media, loneliness, and a superficial view of the Bible.1st blockMay 6th at 8:50 AM
Garrett PetersonGender Neutrality in America: How this movement will affect our country.Gender neutrality is a growing problem in America that will not only affect generations to come, but it will affect our everyday life, and our freedom of speech.1st blockMay 6th at 9:20 AM
Colin AndersonRedefining Creativity: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and InnovationDespite the fact that technology quickly captures and envelopes the minds of young people, technology, if used wisely, has many benefits that outweigh the addictive element such as creating new ways to express one's personality, designing and constructing anything imaginable, and glorifying God in a pursuit to benefit others.2nd blockMay 6th at 10:00 AM
Rachel MillsChildhood Trauma: How to Address High ACE ScoresAlthough some people believe that parenting is not an issue in today's culture, the presence of supportive role models and the incorporation of biblical principles in parenting habits are needed to address the high ACE scores of children in broken homes.2nd blockMay 6th at 10:45 AM
Siera JonesWhat Happened to the News?: How the demands of the digital age threaten the quality and credibility of mainstream journalismDespite the popular belief that the quality and reliability of the news has declined due to the bias of reporters, misinformation is more frequently published due to the demands of the 24-hour news cycle and the pressure reporters face to rush to break news, produce sensational stories and generate high web traffic.4th blockMay 6th at 1:50 PM
Layne MorrisToxic Femininity: Feminism and its Moral RegressionAlthough feminism can be said to still fight for women's rights, modern feminism has abandoned biblical principles and is normalizing immorality, focusing on social and gender equality for women, minorities, and the LGTBQ community while vilifying those who do not wholly subscribe to their views.4th blockMay 6th at 2:25 PM
Jessie SunForeign Language Education: 你能读懂吗? ¿Puedes leer esto? Can you read this?Although high school students in America are required to take foreign language classes, students in elementary school should also be required to take these second language courses because beginning their studies at a younger age will allow them to absorb the information easier and enable them to be fluent in the language as adults, which will open doors to numerous opportunities.1st blockMay 7th at 8:20 AM
Alice XuDo You Run on Coffee or Does Coffee Run on You?: The Impact of Caffeinated Beverages on TeenagersAlthough the intake of caffeinated beverages can bring certain positive effects to teenagers, the over consumption of them can cause negative effects, both physiologically and psychologically, due to their addictive properties.1st blockMay 7th at 8:50 AM
Maggie BurrisHealth is Wealth: The Results of an Organic Diet Versus a Processed Food DietEven though processed foods have become the dominant choice among the American population because of the potential to gain energy and time, an organic diet is a much more beneficial choice because of the benefits toward mental health, physical health, and the environment. 1st blockMay 7th at 9:20 AM
Sophia KokkinosThe Effects of Adoption: Saving a Child's LifeOrphaned and international children deserve a family who will support and love them, as well as be given more opportunities to succeed in life; however people who oppose this view often fear the child may have insurmountable mental, physical, and social complications which would be to difficult to manage.2nd blockMay 7th at 10:00 AM
Kaylie SmithThe Unspoken Reality: Why Foster Care's Goal Should Switch to AdoptionAlthough foster care's primary goal is reunification with the birth family, the first goal should switch to adoption because it is unfair to risk putting children through additional trauma that foster care system can create by the inconsistency of environments and attachments; therefore, switching the primary goal of foster care to adoption, adoption will provide a sense of emotional security and trust to relational attachment and lessen the chance of children being moved around the foster care system.2nd blockMay 7th at 10:45 AM
Claire MarshallFracturing Feminism: The Severance of Western Feminists from Their Eastern SistersWhile modern feminists claim to advocate for the rights and equalities of all women, Western feminists have strayed from their original motivations by building upon fundamental freedoms such as the right to free speech and self-governance that are still being fought for in the East.4th blockMay 7th at 1:50 PM
Abby OwensKeeping the Classics: A Review on the Content of Today's Literature and Composition ClassroomsWhile many would argue that encouraging a student to engage in literature through young adult fiction increases their desire to read, adolescents who compliment contemporary literature by proficiently analyzing traditional canonical selections have increased cognitive complexity and are better prepared to succeed.4th blockMay 7th at 2:25 PM
Katie HillHow People should use Physical therapy instead of heavy narcotics: Pain medicines are ruining livesAlthough some individuals believe medications alone are sufficient to deal with pain, people should use physical therapy instead because therapy promotes optimal physical function, maintains their health and strength, and provides caregivers who genuinely care for their wellbeing.1st blockMay 8th at 9:35 AM
Hannah PalmerEthical Issues In Graphic DesignBy giving each individual graphic designer a code of ethics and offering them a knowledge on how to handle ethical issues will not only conduct rules, but will assist in creating a culture that is more likely to comply with conditions and protect artists.1st blockMay 8th at 10:10 AM
Jordyn DiFavaThe Psychology of Children in Team SportsAlthough some believe children should not be involved in team sports due to psychological risks, there are more positives for children participating in team sports than negatives because team sports are a way for children to build important character traits, learn vital life lessons, and clarify one's identity.2nd blockMay 8th at 10:45 AM
Christopher FleurimaThe Parternship: The Church and Government are better together rather than separateAlthough some people believe that either the government or the Church should help the family separately, a partnership between both would be more beneficial to meeting the emotional, spiritual and financial needs of fatherless children.
2nd blockMay 8th at 11:20 AM
Holly BakerSkinny Onscreen: The Media's Negative Effects on Body Image in AmericaAlthough dieting and thinness are viewed as healthy, the media's portrayal of beauty, fad dieting, and ideal body image in the American society has created a toxic environment for young girls leading to disordered eating, low self-esteem, and mental illness; therefore, Americans need to encourage body positivity and advocate for healthy lifestyles in order to overcome this dire trend.4th blockMay 8th at 2:00 PM
Garrett DeVaultThe Dividing Power of Fake News & Media BiasAlthough many Americans rely on the news as truth, the media constantly attacks opposing news outlets, cripples opponents' views, and continues to falsify stories causing division in our country; consequently, the only viable option to protect citizens from fake news and media bias is to allow monitoring of these agencies.4th blockMay 8th at 2:35 PM
Abi BrownThe Need for Farmland Preservation: How Rural Development is Negatively Impacting Delaware FarmlandAlthough people think residential rural development is a positive aspect of the financial growth in Delaware, farmland in Delaware needs to be better protected and the state needs to apply for more conservation dollars as farms provide sources of employment and sources of food, while residential development is taking unnecessary precedence over Delaware conserving the choicest soils.1st blockMay 9th at 9:35 AM
Ben HobbsThe Real Problem On The Streets: How Illegal Guns Are The Real Issue Not Legal Gun OwnersThe majority of people say that 'Gun Laws' are needed and that more gun laws are necessary; however, the extreme increase in laws in Democratic states have started to infringe on the individual's rights, increased the chances of falling victim to assault, and stripped the law abiding citizen of their personal protection and sense of safety.1st blockMay 9th at 10:10 AM
Henry LutherDissociative Identity Disorder: Why Our Mindset Needs to ChangePeople with Dissociative Identity Disorder are not more likely to commit acts of violence than the average person, and, therefore, should receive a greater amounts of compassion; despite how the entertainment industry portrays people with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
2nd blockMay 9th at 10:45 AM
Sutton BennettNatural SupplementsAlthough prescription medications can relieve one's mental problems, natural supplements ease one's robust health issues more effectively because they cause fewer side effects, and will not cause addiction over long term use.2nd blockMay 9th at 11:20 AM
Max KichlineDigging Through the Word: How Archaeology Proves the BibleAlthough some experts are critical of the use of archaeological evidence to prove the Bible as a valid historical source, the existence of the people and places of the Bible are sufficiently supported through the plethora of unearthed archaeological sites and corresponding documents.4th blockMay 9th at 2:00 PM
Louisa ReDo Americans overuse high fructose corn syrup? : Exploring the dangers of high fructose corn syrupDue to ease of use, low cost and availability of corn, High fructose corn syrup is one of the most common ingredients in modern food production. This sweetener poses serious heath risks and consumers should educate themselves and eliminate consumption of products containing high fructose corn syrup.1st blockMay 10th at 8:20 AM
Mike ChristopherThe Two Party System: The Solution to American PoliticsAlthough the two party system of politics has carried America through most of its history; this system is detrimental to voters and politicians with beliefs and policies outside of the two parties and must change in order for the political process to improve.
2nd blockMay 10th at 9:15 AM
Brandon SchlabachSociety's Kryptonite: The Effects of Overusing TechnologyAlthough technology was created to help society, it is now being overused causing an addiction to technology, an increase in unemployment, encouraging laziness, stunting social skills, as well as stunting the growth of children, which is solvable through spreading awareness of the adverse effects of technology overuse, encouraging social interaction in homes, and decreasing the amount of machines used in factories to open up more job opportunities.4th blockMay 10th at 10:50 AM
Hannah PicconiGuns Under Fire: How Strict Gun Laws Hurt Innocent PeopleAlthough many Americans believe that taking guns away from citizens will reduce gun violence, these strict gun control laws will have detrimental effects by leaving responsible, mentally stable gun owners defenseless against those who acquire firearms illegally and opening up more opportunities for great devastation when mass shootings do occur, especially when those shootings are caused by those who suffer a mental illness or other disorders resulting from a rough childhood or social rejection.1st blockMay 13th at 8:20 AM
Trevor DaviesIs All News Bad News?: A Look into the Degradation of the News in the 21st CenturyAlthough major news outlets like CNN, Fox, CBS, and NBC present themselves as reliable sources of national news, Americans must use caution when assuming the reliability of television reporting because false information is spread, stations often reveal bias, and credibility in the news world overall has declined.1st blockMay 13th at 8:50 AM
Hunter SmithThe Opioid Epidemic in America: How Pharmaceutical Companies are the Root of the Crisis and Why We Need to Raise More Awareness and Implement Tighter RegulationsAlthough many physicians feel that pain-killing medications are necessary to treat chronic pain, and the opioid crisis has emerged from patient abuse of the drug, it is essential to realize that the pharmaceutical companies are most responsible for the opioid epidemic, which can be minimized through improving distribution regulations, raising awareness of the dangers of opioids, and addressing the destruction that opioid addiction brings to one's life.1st blockMay 13th at 9:20 AM
Melanie WilliamsThe Addiction Crisis: Breaking Addictions by Targeting the Habit LoopAlthough many people believe that addictions can only be overcome through willpower alone, replacing the routines of the habit loops surrounding addictions with a healthier option proves to be a safer and more effective method since it lowers the amounts of ego fatigue, emphasizes the importance of a healthier lifestyle, and provides the addict with a plan when cravings reoccur.2nd blockMay 13th at 10:00 AM
Hannah SlacumThanks, but No Tanks: The Fine Line Between Captivity and CrueltyWhile captivity can be beneficial for rehabilitation and education, when marine mammals are held in captivity particularly for entertainment,
it has a detrimental impact on the life span and innate behaviors of these mammals.
4th blockMay 13th at 1:50 PM
Evan HartnettArt in Action: The Role of Art Education in a Child's DevelopmentWhile the perceived value of an arts education has been diminished by public school systems in recent years, the social, academic, psychological, and economical benefits of an arts education are proven to be essential to the proper development of a child, and should thus be formulated into the public school's circular paradigm.
4th blockMay 13th at 2:25 PM
Patrick GrahamThe Unprivacy of the Internet: How websites are using user's personal informationAlthough search engines and social media sites tracking user's personal information may make usage of the services easier, it is an invasion of privacy because most people do not want information about them to be known by a company that they do not work for, and their personal information could land in the wrong hands.1st blockMay 14th at 8:20 AM
Amaya WrightFaith Based Rehabilitation vs. Secular Rehabilitation: Investigating Rehabilitation in the Prison SystemAlthough modern society advocates for the criminalization of addicts, a Christ-centered approach to rehabilitation provides addicts with a hope, purpose, and future, thus creating more effective and sustainable progress in the addict's sobriety.1st blockMay 14th at 8:50 AM
Sarah LaytonLights, Camera, Politics: Why Conservatives Are No Longer Represented In The Entertainment IndustryDespite our society's popular belief that the entertainment industry is evolving to an inclusive and accepting culture, actors and business executives still fail to respect and encompass conservative ideas, which is revealed through the significant decrease of conservative actors, the cancellation of many conservative-based films and television shows, and the biased platform that many actors use to present their own agendas.1st blockMay 14th at 9:20 AM
Logan DeVaultPrivate Schools: The Advancement of Private Education and the Need for School VouchersAlthough public schools have a greater extent of resources, private schools provide an exceptional education through its individualized attention, parental involvement, and moral influence, which should lead to a nationwide voucher system for families with financial barriers.2nd blockMay 14th at 10:25 AM
Scarlett WyrickThe Cruelty of Horse Slaughter: Alternative Solutions for Unwanted HorsesAlthough the slaughter and consumption of many other animals is viewed as ethical and humane, the slaughter of horses is inhumane and irrational because the transport and termination of the horse is long and painful.2nd blockMay 14th at 10:55 AM
Sarah HodgesThe Blurring Line Between Human and Machine: Could Machines Ever Truly Become Human?Despite the advancements made in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Neuromorphic Computing, even the most aware creations will never become synonymous with humanity due to our capabilities of free will, true emotion, and abstraction.4th blockMay 14th at 1:50 PM
Maura McKeonReduce, Re-use, Reconsider: Why Recycling is Not Always the Most Effective Form of Environmental InvolvementAlthough recycling is one of the most commonly discussed forms of environmental involvement, and has many benefits, it should not be presented as one of the most effective forms of environmental involvement due to the lack of substantial environmental benefits and the economic shortcomings that come along with main-stream recycling.4th blockMay 14th at 2:25 PM
AJ KwiatkowskiCoaching Techniques: The Lost Art of Coaching with PassionAlthough coaching styles that contain a more analytical and fundamental approach are perceived as a more effective strategy, coaches that contain a higher passion and enthusiasm help build each team member's character and improve the team's ability to win.2nd blockMay 15th at 10:45 AM
Hannah CzappSociety's Idolization of Sexuality: How It Has Become Increasingly Difficult to Maintain Sexual PurityDespite society's casualization of sex into everyday life through avenues such as advertisement, technological advancements, and the desensitizing of youth at early ages, it is necessary to maintain a Biblical principle of purity through a personal commitment for long-term benefits rather than transitory gratification.4th blockMay 15th at 2:35 PM
Sophia DykstraGlobal Medical Advancement : Benefit to Humanity or Uncontrollable Crisis?Although the advancement of medicine has proven to be beneficial in past centuries, global medical research should be closely monitored and regulated by the science community due to the current lack of law enforcement, the unpredictable effects of scientific discoveries, such as bacterial resistance, and ethical dilemmas encountered within scientific research involving human participants.1st blockMay 16th at 9:35 AM
Alexandra Vander ValkThe Screams Behind the Creams: Why Individuals Should Consider Stopping Animal TestingAlthough animal testing is used in a variety of stores and laboratories, using options to test new products would save many animals' lives and produce more accurate results.2nd blockMay 16th at 11:20 AM
Alex Lloyd-WoodCriminal Injustice: The Denied Rights of Convicted CitizensDespite what most people may believe, a convicted prisoners' crimes against the law do not remove their basic human rights granted them as a citizen under the Constitution of the United States, and should be allowed either full use and exercise of said rights, including the right to vote, or be issued complete disfranchisement.4th blockMay 16th at 2:00 PM
Logan ReicheltIntervention vs Isolation: How the U.S. Should Handle Current ConflictsWhile interventionism has played an essential part in the United States' foreign policy, a form of isolationism, or non-interventionism, should be temporarily pursued in order to focus on the nation's current domestic issues.4th blockMay 16th at 2:35 PM
Maddie WeberNatural Alternatives for Mental Health: Why Natural Remedies for Mild Mental Health Issues are Better Treatment Options Than Prescription DrugsAlthough natural remedies are not able to solve all mental health issues, prescription drugs are pushed too severely in mild instances of anxiety and depression when natural remedies are effective and beneficial, cost effective, and healthier long-term options.1st blockMay 17th at 8:20 AM
Brady SmithIQ vs. EQ: Intellectual & Emotional DifferencesAlthough intelligence has traditionally been relied upon by employers as a predictor of a potential employee's probability of enjoying a successful career, a high EQ (emotional intelligence) may be a greater indicator of an individual's future success in the workplace.1st blockMay 17th at 8:50 AM
Kristina AlexanderThe Delayed Pathway: Why Childhood Immigrant Arrivals Should Have Rights to CitizenshipDespite the numerous amounts of people who advocate for the deportation of any undocumented aliens, children who were brought to the United States of America illegally by their parents or guardians should be granted a pathway to citizenship because immigrants who arrived in this country as children are eventually forced into the limbo of potential deportation, face a variety of hardships and unfair punishments, and deporting them will cause the American society and culture to plummet in multiple ways.1st blockMay 17th at 9:20 AM
Morgan WaideChronic illness in the familyAlthough some people who do not have a support system in their house live a moderate life but may struggle, having support in the home makes taking care of the individual who has a chronic illness more manageable, due to the fact that this assistance would provide the help that some people need in order to handle the illness, an accountability system, and a collaborative community. 2nd blockMay 17th at 10:45 AM
Joshua KlineA Cure for Carbs: The Benefits of a Low Carb DietAlthough past research led to the conclusion that a high carbohydrate diet is best, new research shows that a higher fat and lower carbohydrate diet promotes better human function and should be incorporated into the American diet.4th blockMay 17th at 2:00 PM


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