Career Day


By: Susan Gum // March 26th, 2019 // Featured Stories

On Friday, March 22, twenty-five members from the business community visited Delmarva Christian High School to present information on different career fields for students to consider. A wide-range of career opportunities were presented from public service to non-profit—from business to freelance—and from healthcare to communications. Besides describing the responsibilities, training, education, skills, and qualifications required for […]

Mooove Over

Someone's Got A Job To Do

By: Susan Gum // March 11th, 2019 // Featured Stories

Once again, thanks to Science teacher Miss Julie Eckels, her students, and all the volunteers, the DCMC Science Carnival was a HUGE success!! Besides all of the things one would expect to see at a Science Fair including experiments and demonstrations, guests were treated to the makings of a carnival such as a dunking booth, […]

Library Time


By: Susan Gum // March 4th, 2019 // Featured Stories

Who says a library has to be somber and dull? In fact, our Milton Campus librarian, Mrs. Julie Sammons, has created a wonder-filled atmosphere that is exciting, and encourages students to love books and love reading. “To make the library inviting, students are greeted by a life-size Dr. Suess mural and books with their storybook […]



By: Susan Gum // February 20th, 2019 // Featured Stories

Typically, the Strategic Financial Planning (SFP) course is taken by students in their senior year. The purpose of this high school math elective is for students to examine the general nature of financial management and the American financial system. Taught by a former J.P. Morgan specialist, DCHS teacher Mr. Keith Stonebraker leads the SFP course […]

Sweet Lesson

Learning Causes of Spanish American War

By: Susan Gum // February 19th, 2019 // Stories

While studying the Spanish-American War, Mrs. McCulough’s fourth-grade students learned the reasons why Cuba wanted to free herself from Spain’s rule, and the events that prompted the United States’ involvement in the struggle. They uncovered practices of Spain’s oppressive system that exploited the Cuban people and their greatest commodity–sugar.  With these and other facts presented, […]

Not So Much What


By: Susan Gum // February 8th, 2019 // Stories

DCMC teacher Mrs. Caroline Schneck is leading her 8th-grade History students in a study of American roots–in particular, those that serve as the foundation to American values and culture. She is also helping her students understand the lasting effects of Puritanism in America. The lesson began with a random pairing of students. One paired, these […]

J-Term 2019

Integral To The DCS Mission

By: Susan Gum // January 29th, 2019 // Stories

Although January 18 marked the end of J-Term 2019 for Delmarva Christian High School students, the impact it made will last for years to come. For the past several weeks, DCHS students have engaged in educational experiences outside the normal classroom environment that have enabled them to discover God’s call on their lives as they […]

Jekyll & Hyde


By: Susan Gum // December 18th, 2018 // Stories

At the conclusion of their study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Jekyll and Hyde,” Mrs. Kelley Ridley’s English IV students hosted an interactive party for DCHS parents, staff, and the entire student body. In preparation, the students researched all facets of Victorian society in order to re-create an atmosphere of 1850 Victorian London. The research led […]

Middle School Students


By: Susan Gum // December 12th, 2018 // Stories

Under the direction of Delmarva Christian Milton Campus (DCMC) Middle School History and Bible teacher Ms. Caroline Schneck, a drive was organized to provide much needed items to other middle and high school students in the area. “Currently, close to 300 students within the Cape Henlopen School District are classified as homeless under varying circumstances,” […]

Math Instruction


By: Susan Gum // December 5th, 2018 // Stories

Every day, third-grade teacher Miss Allison Workman runs her math lessons with the use of small group stations opposed to delivering math concepts to the class at large. “I find that it is the best way to instruct and remediate when necessary,” said Miss Workman. “With a smaller group of students, I’m able to identify and meet […]