Career Day 2015
Friday, March 20

Publishing and politics were the topics when Senators Ernie Lopez of Lewes and Bryant Richardson of Seaford shared their stories with students at Delmarva Christian High School. The two were presenters as part of the Georgetown school’s career day held March 20.

Lopez spoke to the students about his work as a politician and Senator.  Meeting with young people is a favorite activity, said Lopez, a father to two elementary school aged girls.

“This morning was special, in that I was able to get to know some terrific students at a wonderful local school,” said Lopez, who interacted with students from ninth through 12th grade.  “We need more young people running for office.”

“This morning was special, in that I was able to get to know some terrific students at a wonderful local school” – Senator Ernie Lopez

Lopez said he hoped his time with the students inspired them to get into public service. It was his State Senator who got him involved when he was younger, he said.

“I take pride in telling our students today that we need them and value their participation in the political process,” he said.

Richardson said he enjoyed speaking with the students too, although his story was a bit different.

Getting fired from a job was actually the opening of a door for him, he told the students who attended his session. After teaching himself journalism and working his way up from reporter to general manager of a newspaper in Seaford, the paper was bought and he was thrown out of a job back in 1984. It led him to start his own paper that he started with essentially no money and six weeks of credit from a local printer.

“I sold one of my cars for $3,000, and that’s all the money I had,” said Richardson. Eventually he built the paper up and sold it to the company that fired him, where he was hired with “an iron clad contract,” he said. He left that job to found a new publishing company in 1997.

Currently, Richardson is founder and president of Morning Star Publications, Inc. in Seaford. This company runs three newspapers and publishes several business guides.

His testimony to the students told how he learned to rely on God and through that how he was led to many opportunities, including his recent successful run for state Senate.

“These are the types of things our students need to hear,” said Harriet Smith Windsor, secretary of the school’s board of directors. Smith Windsor commented on how important it is for students to get the perspective of people who actually work in specific fields.

From The Delaware State Senate Republican Caucus