November 7, 2014

Delmarva Christian High School students and staff celebrated Georgetown’s 101st Return Day by hosting their own unique event—Return to the Community Day. Delmarva Christian’s goal to raise up student leaders who serve others has resulted in the special twist on Sussex Counties’ historic political celebration.

Students and staff of DCHS selected individuals or organizations that needed help with a project and spent a portion of the school day helping in any way they could. “It was an overwhelming success,” said Kristin Bennett, Delmarva Christian’s Nurse and Return to the Community Day Co-chair. Bennett notes that over 200 students—almost the entire student body—participated in the event.

“It was an overwhelming success.” – Kristin Bennett

What made Return to the Community Day so special was the impact it had on those participating. Hava Marneweck, a senior this year, writes, “We weeded gardens, raked leaves, vacuumed, dusted, put away hoses, and removed window screens. We impacted those we served by completing chores made difficult for them by their illnesses. We shared our love for God by praying with Mr.Scott’s neighbor.”

Delmarva Christian High School’s Return to the Community Day highlights the approach the school takes in involving its students in service to the community. Those service opportunities equip students to assess their God-given abilities and consider how they may be called to use them as their future unfolds.