The State Law in 1791 removing the county seat from Lewes along the coast to a more geographically centered site, now named Georgetown, required all votes to be cast in the new county seat on election day. The same voters would “return” two days later to hear the results of tallies – hence the name Return Day.

This year, more than 200 students participated in a return day of their own. The entire student body, faculty, and staff of Delmarva Christian High School set out all over the Eastern Shore launching their own annual Return to the Community Day on Thursday, November 9. This annual event is planned to return to the community the many blessings that have been bestowed on the students, staff, and school throughout the year.

Some of the Delmarva Christian students participated in manual labor projects including cutting down trees, raking leaves and debris, painting walls, weeding, winterizing porches, cleaning up trash, pulling up carpet, tearing down shelving, and landscaping.

Delmarva Christian High School sophomore Andrew Workman was the trick of all trades at Cross Pointe Nazarene Church in Salisbury, Maryland. During the three hours, Andrew cleared out and expanded a room in the church’s food panty, tore down multiple shelves, pulled up carpet, and dismantled a bookshelf. “Although I ended up with multiple blisters all over my hands, it was a wonderful service experience and I felt great that I had the opportunity to help in the food pantry,“ spoke Andrew.

Other students performed such tasks including packaging lunches, working in soup kitchens, collecting can goods, serving at the food pantry, assisting in schools, helping the sick, elderly, and veterans, working in kitchens, and taking care of animals at the shelter.

Sophomore Abby Agapito served at Beaman’s Old and Gnu Antiques helping Mrs. Beaman complete small tasks throughout the store including sweeping, dusting, polishing, and cleaning windows. “I am so glad that I was able to impact Mrs. Beaman being that she is elderly and has had multiple surgeries in the past,” said Abby. “By helping her, I received a sense of gratitude and accomplishment for giving back to my community, and it was nice to see how grateful she was for my help.”

While many students chose to work alone, DCHS students Maddie Wiggins, Raelynn Fernsick, Alyssa Smith, Olivia Owens, Abby Owens, and Emelyn Owens all completed their service at the same place, Harrington Baptist Church (HBC). The Delmarva Christian girls worked together to paint the walls, trim, and ceilings of the classrooms in HBC’s fellowship hall in hopes to help speed up their renovations. “We each did our part and completed the most amount of work we could within our three-hour time frame,” explained Abby. “We helped to paint the classrooms, which in turn will help them finish the church’s renovation quicker and bring more people to Jesus.”

While students were out giving back to the community, the DCHS faculty and staff strapped on high visibility safety vests and gloves and made their way out to Sussex Pines Road. There the group worked together to pick up trash and clean the Delmarva Christian Schools adopted road. DCHS teacher Tiffany Haley exclaimed, “As a staff member I believe it is important that our students see we are participating in giving back to the community as well.”

The mission of Delmarva Christian Schools is to proclaim the gospel by preparing students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God’s will in their lives.


During Return to the Community Day, Delmarva Christian senior Alyssa Smith paints classroom walls at Harrington Baptist Church in order to help speed up HBC’s renovations process. Return to the Community Day is a DCHS annual event planned to return to the community the many blessings that have been bestowed on the students, staff, and school throughout the year.


Delmarva Christian sophomore Abby Agapito spends Return to the Community Day cleaning at Beaman’s Old and Gnu Antiques in Lewes, Delaware on Thursday, November 9.


On November 9, while the students are out giving back to the community and surrounding areas, DCHS faculty and staff gather to clean the Delmarva Christian Schools adopted Sussex Pines Road before enjoying a luncheon together at the high school.