Lincoln, DE
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When Delmarva Christian High School junior Micah Magee attended a Christ in Youth event in the fall, he never dreamed it would be the first step in his journey to Pepperdine University as a contestant in the Next Gen Preacher Search. Magee was encouraged to enter the search, which required a five minute video of each competitor’s preaching to be submitted for judging. Only forty contestants would be chosen and awarded a slot in the competition. Magee was selected.

“I got an email Christmas morning,” he said with a smile. It was an incredible present for Magee who has wanted to be a pastor because of the influence of his father, Pastor Mark Magee of the Lewes Church of Christ.

“Pray. God brought the opportunity.” – Micah Magee

Contestants were asked to choose one of four categories and deliver a five minute sermon on that topic. “Encouragement” was chosen by Magee. The sermon he prepared was presented six times for review and then as a final presentation to the judges. For the finals, names were randomly chosen and he was selected to go first. His nerves worked to get the best of him. “I just tried to relax myself. I was just trying to calm down,” he remembered. Though he was the youngest contestant he did well placing second in his category. This strong showing made him an alternate finalist in the overall competition and allows him the opportunity to speak in the upcoming months.

The immediate future will be busy for Micah Magee. He has founded a youth ministry called “Aftershock” that has grown to a group of thirty-five and will be finishing his high school years and considering college. It is clear he is driven by the desire to make sure people know the Gospel is not boring, but rich in excitement and adventure. Does Magee have any advice for young people considering the call to become a pastor? “Pray. God brought the opportunity.”

Micah Magee’s five minute sermon may be found here: https://vimeo.com/118942095