Every day, third-grade teacher Miss Allison Workman runs her math lessons with the use of small group stations opposed to delivering math concepts to the class at large.

“I find that it is the best way to instruct and remediate when necessary,” said Miss Workman. “With a smaller group of students, I’m able to identify and meet individual needs more directly. Every student is learning the same thing but for those that might need to hear a concept a little differently, these smaller group settings allow that to happen.”

This week with a math test scheduled for Friday, Miss Workman facilitated a station that was dedicated to a review of multiplication and division problems with factors from six through 12. A second station, independent of Miss Workman, consisted of a board game students used to review division facts. The third station is the spiral review or “everyday” station in which students review very applicable concepts such as time, temperature, and money in hopes they aren’t forgotten.

In preparation for Friday’s exam, Miss Workman sets up a math station for multiplication and division review. Five students (including Anna Woods and Beca Gaspar), plus one teacher, creatively use white boards to quiz one another on various math problems ensuring everyone fully understands these concepts.