January 5-16, 2015

Delmarva Christian High School students recently took part in a different kind of winter break. J-Term is a two-week program designed to offer DCHS students educational experiences outside of the normal classroom environment. These activities and mission ministries are a period of intensive Christ-based study and work between the fall and spring trimesters.

J-Term equips students to know how God has designed them!

The flexibility that J-Term offers is by design. Students are provided a variety of courses from which to choose. There are mission trips in and out of the country, arts and sports courses, film courses, a biology course, and training for students interested in government. More than a break from the classroom, this exciting two-week experience impacts students for the rest of their high school years, and ultimately, for the rest of their lives.

DCHS uses J-Term in conjunction with its Life Calling program to explore the call God has placed on the lives of its students. Both propel students to be prepared to change their communities and teach them what it means to truly serve.