Homeschool students are invitedĀ to enroll in courses offered at DCHS to supplement their homeschool education. Before enrolling in courses, students must make application to Delmarva Christian High School.

 DCHS Diploma Seeking StudentsNon-DCHS Diploma Seeking Students
School Services
DCHS DiplomaYesNo
Attendance & Community Service records kept by DCHSYesNo
Student Support Services
Special NeedsYesNo
College & Academic CounselingYesNo
Academic Services
Professionally trained teachersYesYes
Enrollment in advanced, specialized, and elective coursesYesYes
Senior Activities
Leadership and Extracurricular1
School-sponsored social activitiesYesYes
Athletic ProgramYesNo
National Honor Society2YesNo
Academic CompetitionsYesNo
Performing Arts & Praise BandYesNo
Community ServiceYesNo
Fee Schedule
Program Administrative Fee$750 per year
Course Cost$1,100 per credit$1,100 per credit
Sports Fee$50 per sport
Graduation Fee$50

1 Students participating in extracurricular activities must be enrolled in a DCHS course during the academic semester in which the activity occurs.
2 Students must have taken a minimum of four (4) original core DCHS courses to be eligible.

Guidelines for receiving a diploma granted by DCHS

  • Families will be permitted to operate under DCHS school ID number.
  • Students will meet DCHS credit and service hour requirements.
  • Credit requirements to receive diploma are as follows:
    • Minimum of ten (10) original credits from DCHS courses
    • Minimum of four (4) original credit from DCHS courses earned in senior year
    • Senior Thesis Project (STP) must be taken during senior year
    • Students participating in sports must be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) courses per year, one (1) of which must be a core course
    • Per DIAA requirements, students participating in sports must be taking a course during the season in which they participate
  • Students new to DCHS in their senior year must be a full-time student in order to be granted a DCHS diploma.
  • Part-time students are not eligible for the Accessible Tuition Program or other school-sponsored scholarships.
  • Families will be required to meet annually with an academic advisor to determine eligibility for program and ensure graduation requirements are being met.
  • Families will be required to complete a scope and sequence for each course taught at home according to DCHS specifications.
  • Families will be required to submit a transcript containing final homeschool course grades at the end of each academic year.
  • Students will be required to take the standardized testing assessments in the Spring of their freshman, sophomore, and junior years.
  • Students must be full time (4 courses between DCHS and homeschool) during any semester they are playing a sport, per DIAA requirements.