How is tuition calculated through the Accessible Tuition process?
Factors such as income, family circumstances, and the cost of living are first evaluated by a third party assessment service (FACTS Grant & Aid) and then by the DCS Accessible Tuition Review Committee. The entire process is highly confidential, and the final tuition cost is to be kept in strictest confidence.

What economic situations are considered?
Family circumstances range widely. Reduced tuition is awarded based on need. Factors such as sources of income, expenses, number of students in  the family, and cost of living in our area are considered. While some families can afford only a minimal tuition, others can afford to pay full tuition.

Can I find out what tuition will be before applying as a student?
Upon making application for enrollment, new families may also make application for Accessible Tuition prior to the interview and acceptance. We acknowledge that understanding the financial expectations can be a factor in completing the enrollment process. With that said, families are encouraged to communicate their commitment to DCS and Christian education during the APT application process.

Will an Accessible Tuition request hurt my opportunity to be accepted?
Determination of tuition levels is a separate function from our admissions process. Families should not hesitate to apply out of concern that it might impact their student’s acceptance into a DCS school; however, requests for assistance will not be reviewed until after a student’s acceptance.

Do any families pay nothing for tuition?
No, all families are asked to sacrificially invest in their student’s
Christ-centered education.

What expenses are there other than tuition?
Even with accessible tuition, families will still be responsible to pay the $100 New Student Application Fee. Each student will incur other expenses such as lunch, extracurricular activities, school supplies, and dress code compliant clothing. Students at the high school will also be required to have an iPad.

Will the Accessible Tuition lead to larger class sizes?
No, DCS has established maximum class sizes that cannot be surpassed. Within those limits, DCS will continue to accept qualified, mission-appropriate students with the understanding that wait lists may need to be established.