Going into the sixteenth year with students, Delmarva Christian High School celebrated another great school start on Tuesday with nearly 60 new students arriving for the New Student First Day. Initiated in 2015, this day is devoted to orientating new students by providing teambuilding activities, tours through class schedules, and technology training to include electronic textbook installations and password creations. This preparation has proven to be an invaluable way of easing new students into the school’s official opening that occurs the following day when the entire student body returns from summer break.

“Without some kind of introduction, it can be a daunting experience for a new student,” said Student Services Administrative Assistant Pip Craig. “It is very important to us that our students feel confident, prepared and excited for the first day of classes.”

(Above) After over a two-month summer absence, Riley Culver returns back to DCHS for his third year as a DCS Royal.

New students like freshmen Justin Boyer, Christian Hodges, Ayla Basar, and Evan Murray gather in the “cafetenasium” before the start of their first day at DCHS. The students were given time to get acquainted before learning from Principal Matt Kwiatkowski what it means to be a Royal and how that relates to the school’s motto “A Higher Standard.”
In addition to teambuilding activities led by DCHS Athletic Director Jim Berger, new students like Linh Ha participated in a scavenger hunt and a fun introduction to science as well as toured the school after receiving their class schedules.
With the help of IT Specialist Rob Van Pelt, Freshman Winni Di sets up her student account.
DCHS National Honor Society member Chase Hesson helps new students Zach Christopher, Jeremiah Hannah, Gabe Herling, and Cody Bennett set up passwords and download textbooks on their iPads.
Every morning DCHS Principal Matt Kwiatkowski greets students as they enter DCHS, and opening day of the 2019-2020 school year is no exception. DCHS Junior and National Honor Society member Chase Hesson eagerly assists as Mr. K welcomes back sophomore Riley Briggs.
The first two days of school is exciting for students and teachers alike as everyone reunites following the summer break. Enjoying time together before the start of their senior—and final—year are DCHS students Jaylah Culver, Ashlyn Stonebraker, and Nathan Moyer.
With the entire student body in attendance, the official opening of the 2019-2020 school year came on Wednesday. The day consisted of a gathering in the Arts & Athletic Center where the Praise Team led worship and DCHS Principal Matt Kwiatkowski unveiled this year’s theme—Love In Action—to all the students including Freshmen Matthew Davis and Finn Fitzgerald.
Chase Wilson and fellow classmates participate in fun-filled exercises as Digital Design Media teacher Mr. Eric Reiske introduces various class projects that will be completed over the coming months.