A guest post by DCS parent, Kim Henry

I have been involved with Delmarva Christian Schools since it’s beginnings. I attended public meetings and also had private ones with some of the founders before a school building existed and knew this was the education I wanted for my precious children. We were never running away from anything, just towards an education based on the Biblical worldview and where their faith would be fostered and nurtured.

At Delmarva Christian, they were FREE to be who God created them to be and they were encouraged to seek Truth. They were be taught “how” to think, not “what” to think. This was so important! Delmarva Christian is a school where you can count on the teachers to be godly examples, submitted to the Lordship of Christ.

I joined the teaching staff when Lauren came as a student in 2006 after a successful and fulfilling 17 year career in public education and stayed until 2014. I have been blessed to return part-time filling in needs the last two years. I’ve been a DCHS parent throughout the time period, praying for the school consistently.

It has always been the board’s mission to make this education possible for every family who desires it through the Accessible Tuition Program.