Delmarva Christian High School offers many art electives to include visual art (fine art), industrial arts (carpentry), performing arts (drama) and digital art.  The DCHS digital art course, known as Digital Design Media (DDM), focuses on industry-standard best practices in print, photography, and multimedia design with a focus on modern technology and its use in creating visually stunning media for print, web, and video. Recently, DDM students took the photography skills that they learned in the classroom such as lighting, composition, and general camera operation to a less predictable environment—the county seat which houses many governmental and business offices.

“The Georgetown Circle offers a challenging place to take still shots and portraits with cars driving past, shade coming from trees and buildings, and the general commotion of the busyness of the area,” said Digital Design Media teacher Mr. Eric Reiske.

In addition to all of the aforementioned obstacles, Mr. Reiske raised the challenge even higher when he required the students to use only tripods and portrait lenses.

“All of these things are a challenge for any photographer, let alone for students,” Reiske said. “But it will be from learning, practicing, and overcoming that these student photographers will find themselves going from good to great!”

DDM students Noah Walton and Josh Azeltine check their equipment settings in preparation for shooting photos at the Georgetown Circle.