Who says a library has to be somber and dull? In fact, our Milton Campus librarian, Mrs. Julie Sammons, has created a wonder-filled atmosphere that is exciting, and encourages students to love books and love reading.

“To make the library inviting, students are greeted by a life-size Dr. Suess mural and books with their storybook characters are displayed throughout the library,”  said Mrs. Sammons. “We also have designated reading areas, calm background music, and perfumed diffusers that together provide a sensory-friendly room and a comfortable, calming environment for the students. As they read, students are also welcome to grab a stuffed animal so they can relax and enjoy the library experience.”

The DCMC library houses both fiction and non-fiction books for all ages. The books include picture books, leveled readers, and chapter books. DCMC students in grades PreK through 5th visit the library once a week. Their visits begin with a story that is read aloud, followed by an activity, song, and/or discussion. Next, they break away to read silently, and at the end of their library time, they are able to check out books.

In addition to transforming the physical library environment, Mrs. Sammons has created a program known as Flashlight Library to encourage good library habits.

“During each library period, if everyone pays attention and listens during story time (the time I read aloud,–and if everyone remains quiet during the individual reading time–the class has the opportunity to earn a star ,” said Mrs. Sammons. “Once the class earns three stars, they receive Flashlight Library for their next library period. During Flashlight Library, I turn off the lights and I close the blinds. Then, I give each student a flashlight to use when looking for and reading their books. The students really enjoy Flashlight Library!”

Donations of books in good condition are always welcomed and appreciated by the DCMC Library.