Delmarva Christian is a unique learning environment built around the mission to prepare students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God’s will in their lives.

With social distancing and gathering restrictions hindering the conventional chapel plans the spiritual aspect was missing one of its most important pieces, live chapel services. After meeting with Mr. Jeff Donihue, High School History Teacher and Chapel Coordinator, students in the Delmarva Christian High School Audio Visual Club worked closely with the Praise and Worship team to bring a high quality streaming service to students each week.  

“Chapel is a major point of distinction for Delmarva Christian, being able to worship together and share the Word of God in a group setting is important to the spiritual growth of our students,” Mr. Donihue, “I appreciate the hard work and dedication of Mr. Jason Matthews, Mr. Eric Reiske, Mrs. Shannon Matthews, and all the members of the praise team and AV club for making live, in-person worship a thing again at Delmarva Christian. After all the hours spent fine-tuning the live stream, Mrs. Haley was the perfect speaker to deliver the last sermon.”

Mrs. Tiffany Haley, High School Science Teacher,  sent the students off to summer break with a sermon that challenged students to edify and walk alongside each other. “Our current climate celebrates when kids tear each other down, we can’t do life by ourself and I hope kids walked away from the sermon understanding that,” Mrs. Haley. 

Mr. Jason Matthews working to tune in the live video feed before the 8:20 chapel countdown clock starts.
The Audio Visual Club monitored the video feed during each chapel service to ensure a high quality video projection.