Delmarva Christian’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) President Ben Little and Vice President Lydia Rimmer approached Delmarva Christian’s Dean of Students Mrs. Mary Beth Rimmer with the proposal of a car wash fundraiser for the Hurricane Harvey victims. After the positive meeting and feedback given by Mrs. Rimmer, Ben and Lydia pitched the idea to the SLC committee as a community outreach event.

“The students in the SLC desire to serve their school and community so when they proposed a plan for our student body to financially help the hurricane victims through this fundraising event, I was 100% behind them,” said Mrs. Rimmer. “Their love for Christ and desire to share that with others inspires me daily.”

From there, Community Outreach Leader Charlize White shared the idea with other SLC members and the students set forth to make the fundraising event possible.

“We decided to hold the car wash fundraiser because we knew that we could do something for the victims of the hurricane that they could not do themselves,” exclaimed DCHS senior Charlize. “When a disaster hits, no one is expecting it, so it is up to us as a community to help provide for them.”

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, Delmarva Christian High School students made their vision a reality by partnering with Chick-fil-A at Rehoboth Beach to use their parking lot and facilities for the car wash.

“It was important to partner with Chick-fil-A at Rehoboth Beach because they fully supported what we were doing because they are a Christian-based business,” said White. “We did not have to worry about them questioning or hiding our faith and motive behind why we felt the need to help. It was great to be able to come alongside fellow Christians to support our community and pursue God’s work.”

Students lined the sidewalks of Route One with handmade car wash signs beckoning drivers to participate. As community members graciously pulled over supporting the students and donating to the Hurricane Harvey cause, many commented on how nice it was to see young people giving up their Saturday morning in order to give back to others. During the three-hour car wash, the students raised over $1,400 to be given to Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief organization.

“We were extremely happy with the turn out! It was so exciting to see people eager to help with their donations,” said White. “The amount that was raised was more than we expected, and it definitely made us want to hold this type of fundraiser again for the hurricane relief effort.”

The mission of Delmarva Christian Schools is to proclaim the gospel by preparing students spiritually, academically, and physically to know and do God’s will in their lives.


Chick-fil-A at Rehoboth Beach partnered with Delmarva Christian High School students to hold a car wash fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims. As students washed cars and trucks, Chick-fil-A graciously offered a free entrée coupon to those who donated.


National Honors Society member and Delmarva Christian junior Melanie Williams dedicates her morning to scrubbing cars with fellow classmates to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey victims.