Delmarva Christian High School’s freshmen class poses for a picture before heading to Black Rock Retreat in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a three-day Freshman Retreat. The DCHS Freshman Retreat is an annual tradition that allows ninth-grade students the opportunity to become better acquainted with their classmates and learn more about what it means to be a DCHS Royal. While at Black Rock, the students are challenged in both low and high ropes courses, work together in team-building activities, participate in devotion sessions with Pastor Drew Freyder from the Uprising Church, and engage in cabin reflection discussions.


Desiring that our students would experience a spiritual awakening and be motivated to impact their generation with God’s Truth, the theme for the 2017-2018 school year at Delmarva Christian is “Awakened By Truth.” In order to compliment this theme at the high school’s Freshmen Retreat, Pastor Drew Freyder focused on the idea of “Living It Right From Freshman Through Life” throughout the three-day experience. During one of the Chapels that were held twice a day, Pastor Freyder speaks to the ninth graders on how to “guard and keep” God and His absolute truth throughout life.

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In a friendly game of laser tag, students on the Freshman Retreat were actually engaged in a team building exercise. Outfitted in either blue or red headbands, the goal of each team was to keep their members standing with the winning team having the most members upright at the conclusion of the game. Next, the freshmen took on Capture The Flag where, once again, team members devised strategies and developed the best action plans to ensure their team’s success. Following the games, the students discussed what strategies worked and which ones didn’t concluding that when you seek a partner and you work together the load is lighter and the success is greater. And, through further discussion, the students also discovered this same truth between them and God. By partnering with God through everyday living, the load is lighter and the success is greater.

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Another team building activity for the students involved wood planks–even though it was affectionately called the Low Ropes Course. Solving puzzles, developing strategies, and overcoming a variety of obstacles, the students learned how to rely on one another as they maneuvered the maze while remaining on the boards throughout the course.