Getting Started

Welcome to the DCHS online course selection process.  Parents and students should set aside about 20 minutes to complete the process.  Please follow the steps below to complete the course selection process.


The first step is to log on to RenWeb as either a parent or student.  Review what classes you have already taken by viewing the Transcript under Student Information and Grades and select the Transcript tab.  When you are ready to make the course selections click on Course Requests under Student Information and then select the courses for each of your students. RenWeb Login (click to open in new tab)

iLearn Courses

iLearn courses allow DCHS students to receive high school credit for college and high school courses taken through approved partners. Many of these courses are offered online allowing greater flexibility in scheduling. Review the iLearn course page prior to making your course selections. If you would like to take an iLearn course select iLearn from the RenWeb course selection menu and the school will contact you regarding the details of what iLearn course you are interested in taking. iLearn Courses (click to open in new tab)

Required Courses

The following table is a list of the courses required for all DCHS students. When selecting courses students should make sure that required courses have been selected before choosing electives. Please review the graduation requirements before making course selections.  For course descriptions click on the department title.  Full-time students should select a total of 8 courses. Part time and homeschool students should select courses they plan on taking at DCHS.

Department9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
BibleStory of ChristStory of BibleBiblical Life CallingApologetics
EnglishEnglish IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV and Senior Thesis Project
MathAlgebra IGeometryAlgebra IIPreCalculus
GeometryAlgebra IIPreCalculusCalculus
SciencePhysical ScienceBiologyChemistryElective
Social StudiesWorld HistoryU.S. HistoryAmerican GovernmentPsychology
Foreign LanguageSpanish ISpanish IIElective*Elective
Computer & Health SciencesComputer Applications and PE II/HealthElectiveElectiveElective
ElectivesFine Arts Elective (Required)ElectiveElectiveElective

*Required for University of Delaware Commitment to Delawareans

Elective Courses

The following is a list of elective and advanced placement courses available in each department. For a description of the course, click on the department title. Elective courses will be scheduled depending on student interest and teacher availability.

English: College & Career Communications, AP English Literature & Composition

Social Studies:  Current Events, Psychology

Science: Anatomy & Physiology, Science Olympiad, AP Chemistry

Math: AP Calculus A/B, Strategic Financial Planning

Foreign Language: Spanish III, Spanish IV

Technology: Photography, Digital Design and Media, Yearbook I, Yearbook II (Yearbook I prerequisite with teacher recommendation)

Physical Education: Fitness, Athletic Leadership, Sports Psychology

Fine Arts: Art I, Art II (Art I prerequisite), Fine Arts Elective (TBA)

Arts: Industrial Arts

Internship: At DCHS (with teacher recommendation), Off Campus (with parent approval)