Wednesday, September 16, marked the first community groups meeting of the year at DCHS. Learn more about how our student-led community groups play a vital role in promoting communication and establishing unity among DCHS students.

How did community groups come about?

At DCHS, we are continually looking for opportunities to better meet the spiritual, academic, and physical needs of our students. When English teacher Mrs. Lauren Troyer had a desire to see a real, tangible unity in the body of Christ at DCHS, she worked with a few of her students to develop a solution: take one Wednesday a month; and, instead of the traditional chapel service, break the students into small groups to give them time to interact, share, connect, and reflect as a closer community.

Thus, community groups were born.

So, what are community groups?

“Community groups are unique to Delmarva Christian because they provide a very specific, set-aside time for students to communicate in a small-group setting,” said Mrs. Troyer. “It’s a time for students to be honest, pray together, and break down walls. It’s all about honest community.”

Each group has between 6-18 members and is made up of students of the same grade and gender.

A student-led initiative.

Though staff members are assigned to each group to encourage, support, and affirm the student leadership, community groups are completely student-led.

All 24 community group leaders applied for their positions. As leaders, they plan and organize each community group meeting, create a safe, friendly environment for their group members, facilitate healthy relationship building, and lead faith-based discussions.

Mrs. Troyer regularly meets with these leaders to help develop leadership and communication skills and to provide strategies for effective and supportive discussion.

It’s Connor Kondracki’s second year as a community group leader, and he’s excited for what the new year will bring:

“It’s an immense honor and blessing to be able to lead my fellow classmates and friends in challenging discussion about God’s word and watch them grow individually and as a group in Christ,” said Connor, a DCHS senior.

Community groups will continue to meet on the third Wednesday of every month for the remainder of the school year.