Get Involved!

Ambassadors Club

Any current, full-time DCHS student is invited to serve as an Ambassador with the understanding that he/she exhibits the high standards of Christian character and demonstrates a positive, inspiring attitude towards school and others. Ambassadors host prospective DCHS students through the Student Shadow-For-A-Day program and participate in school events that may include the annual Banquet, Harvest Party, and New Student Orientation. Initial interest meetings are held in September and invitations are made through electronic daily announcements and posters posted throughout the school.

DCS Annual Banquet

The DCS Scholarship Banquet serves to raise money for students desiring the excellent, Christ-centered education that DCS offers. The Banquet is an evening of dinner, fellowship, entertainment, and worship from our very own talented student body and well-known speakers. DCHS National Honor Society students serve while performing arts students provide entertainment and worship for local community attendees.

Freshman Retreat

In what has become a tradition, the annual Freshman Retreat provides ninth-grade students an opportunity to come together as a community and focus on developing what it means to be a DCHS Royal who lives a life of character and faith. During the two- to three-day off-campus retreat, freshmen engage in getting to know one another, team building, faith-filled activities and embark in times of reflection and growth.

J-Term (Exploring God’s Call)

The DCHS J-Term is a two-week period of study that enables students to pursue their passions and seek God’s call on their lives. The J-Term, an integral piece of a student’s program of study, takes place between the fall and spring semesters. Classes offered during J-Term include opportunities in mission ministries (locally, nationally, and internationally), internships, and enriching academic pursuits.

National Honor Society

The Delmarva Christian High School chapter of the National Honor Society is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of the prestigious national organization. Membership is an honor bestowed upon students and is based on leadership, service and character, as well as scholarship. Click HERE for more information on the DCHS Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Praise & Worship Teams

Musically-inclined students, whether vocal, instrumental, or both, are encouraged to participate in a DCHS Praise & Worship team. The Praise & Worship teams support the weekly Wednesday Chapel services as well as periodic off-campus worship opportunities. Interest meetings that may include informal auditions are announced through electronic daily announcements and posters posted throughout the school.

Return Day and Legacy Serve-A-Thon

Twice a year, DCHS students head out into the community to provide service. As a means of giving back, the annual Return Day event blesses local churches, schools, businesses, the elderly and the infirm when DCHS students ban together performing yard maintenance and cleaning chores throughout the county.

In the spring, students take to the streets once again in what is called the Legacy Serve-A-Thon. During the Serve-A-Thon, students trade their skills and talents while raising money for the school through sponsorships. The funds raised bless students with tuition adjustments providing more accessibility to an excellent Christian education while also continuing the legacy that is Delmarva Christian.

Royal Ball

The Royal Ball is the school’s formal dance where the students get dressed up and have a evening of fun; however, the focus is not on what everyone is wearing or the cars that are driven, but instead, the focus centers on celebrating who the students are in Christ and demonstrating to one another the respect He has given to all of His creation. Furthermore, while “dating” is not promoted, a welcoming atmosphere where young men and ladies dance with each other and learn how to interact in a Christ-honoring manner is encouraged.

Science Olympiad

Students participate in the state team competitions in various scientific disciplines including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Delaware state competitions are held in the spring.

Social Clubs

Various clubs formed around a common interest, occupation/vocation, or activity are created organically throughout the school year at DCHS. Some of the most recent clubs include the Chess Club, Girls Bible Study Group, Justice League, Knitting Club, and Robotics Club. Students are encouraged to start/form clubs by simply approaching the administration with their request. Club meetings are announced through electronic daily announcements and posters posted throughout the school.

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The SLC grows and accomplishes positive and Christ-honoring changes and activities in the school. Within the SLC are several committee; each with a specific focus. The four committees include Community Outreach, School Spirit, Social Coordination, and Spiritual Emphasis. Examples of some of each committee’s focus may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Community Outreach-mission participation, mission support
  • School Spirit–pep rallies, spirit weeks, spirit wear
  • Social Coordination–festivals, parties, dances
  • Spiritual Emphasis–Bible studies, school-wide spiritual emphasis days

Opportunities to hold office within the SLC may also be available.