Delmarva Christian Milton Campus

The Delmarva Christian Milton Campus is strongly committed to partnering with parents and endeavoring to mature young people to be biblically minded, well educated, critical thinkers as they seek to discover God’s will for their lives. By hearing biblical truth in all areas of study, students learn to think with Christian discernment forming their own Christ-centered beliefs and convictions.

Moreover, DCMC students develop the tools for lifelong learning and the spiritual disciplines that will prepare them to excel as they rise with each grade level.

Focusing on the motto, A Higher Standard, Delmarva Christian continues to challenge the staff and students to put forth their best efforts toward each other and, more importantly, “unto the Lord.”

Accountability and positive student/teacher relationships are contributing factors to student success at DCMC, and it is understood that the sacrifices made for Christian education demand everyone to strive for excellence spiritually, academically, and physically.

Above all, we’re here so that students may live out God’s unique callings on their lives. Begin your student’s journey at Delmarva Christian by selecting the button below.

DCMC Application

DCMC Program Overview

Elementary School

Education is more than memorizing facts–much more. It is learning to think for one’s self, to use discernment, and to consider values when confronted with conflict. It is not only knowing the facts and processes (which have their place) but also thinking critically and expressing one’s ideas. The Elementary program at our Milton campus is designed to help children develop on all fronts. Courses in art, music, computer education, chapel, and physical education round out the program.

Middle School

Our middle school offers a traditional and individualized course of study from grades sixth through eighth. Departmental teaching gives the student the opportunity to work with a number of outstanding instructors each year and to engage in the depth of study necessary at this next level of academic progress.  All students are encouraged to make use of the computer lab and community resources to prepare reports, enrich class learning, and work on independent projects.