All About Accessibility

Delmarva Christian School’s Accessible Tuition Program (ATP) provides the opportunity for more families to access an excellent Christ-centered education for their students by calculating a tuition rate that matches each family’s unique financial situation. The Accessible Tuition Program (ATP) is a need-based financial aid structure which is similar to those used by other private schools, colleges, and universities. Factors like income, family circumstances, and the cost of living are first evaluated by a third party assessment service and then by the DCS Accessible Tuition Review Committee.

The Accessible Tuition Program (ATP) provides sustainability for DCS by enabling the school to increase overall tuition revenue and allowing greater focus on the DCS mission. Furthermore, it provides for an affordable, excellent Christian education to a greater number of families.

Any family who has a full-time student enrolled in K-12 at Delmarva Christian and feels that they are not able to pay the full tuition rate should apply.

New students may also make application to the Accessible Tuition Program (ATP) for an adjusted tuition at the same time they make application for enrollment to Delmarva Christian Milton Campus (DCMC) or Delmarva Christian High School (DCHS). Please note that ATP applications will not be reviewed and tuition levels can not be determined until a Delmarva Christian student enrollment application has been submitted.

The heart of the Accessible Tuition Program at DCS is committed to maintaining and growing excellent Christian education programs and making those programs accessible to as many families as possible.

“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need.”  2 Corinthians 8:14a