2020-2021 J-Term Course Offerings

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Due to COVID restrictions, J-Term will look differently this year. During the first week, students will remain at home to complete creative and reflective activities that align to this year’s school-wide theme– Identity in Christ. At the conclusion of week one, students will complete a short survey in order to receive ¼ credit.

The second week of J-Term will consist of half-day courses totaling 15 hours each. While students will be assigned only ONE course for the week, students should still choose their top three (3) preferences. Students will earn the remaining ¼ credit after successfully completing their courses.

Please note: There are THREE independent, off-campus course options (Personal Blessings, Internship, College Exploration).

The following J-Term courses are offered for the 2020-2021 school year:


Teacher: TBD
Location: Off-campus/Location TBD

In advance, students will contact prospective employers in a field of interest to them. The employer and the student then fill out the Internship Contract which details the terms of the internship. Employers may not be immediate family members. Contact the staff person overseeing interns for information before selecting your internship location. The student is required to submit a reflection paper and a time sheet at the end of the internship.

Cost: $0

Personal Blessings Course
Teacher: Various Faculty
Location: Off-campus/At home

In this course students will focus on how their God-given gifts and strengths can be used to serve others. Students are to find needs and opportunities to bless and encourage those in their communities. Their experiences will be detailed in an essay that describes the service opportunities in which they participated and how it led to a greater understanding of God and themselves.

Cost: $0

College Exploration Course
Teacher: Various Faculty
Location: Off campus travel/At home

In this course students will independently explore post-secondary options through campus visitations and/or online research. Student experiences will be detailed in an essay that describes how the Lord is leading them in their next steps following high school.

Cost: $0


Teen Challenge
Leader: Pastor Tim Dukes
Location: Off-campus/Teen Challenge Facilities and Central Worship Center

This course will provide opportunities to serve the men and women of Teen Challenge through the training/performing of dramas/skits, caring for the facilities, and leading Chapel services.

Cost: $0


The Art of Disney
Teacher: Mrs. Basar
Location: On-Campus

Students will trace the evolution of fairy tales as they journey from the oral tradition, to books, and finally to the big screen. They should also expect to explore many Disney-themed activities.

Cost: $40

Experiencing the History and Entertainment of Gaming
Teacher: Mr. Donihue
Location: On-Campus

Students will dive into the world of gaming in this class. Each day the students will focus on games that influenced the world around them. Students will also briefly explore the history of each game and then play the games themselves, including participating in daily tournaments.

Cost: $40

Science in the Kitchen
Teacher: Mrs. Haley
Location: On-Campus

Students will explore the scientific reactions behind cooking some of their favorite recipes. The class will utilize different cooking methods in order to prepare a variety of foods from appetizers to dessert.

Cost: $40

Beginner Sewing Circle
Teacher: Mrs. Hennigan
Location: On-Campus

Students will learn how to use a sewing machine! First, they will learn how to sew a button, use a rotary cutter, properly measure, and read a pattern. Next, they will put those new skills to use by making a standard-sized pillowcase to take home. Then, they will begin to build a collaborative quilt to donate to the DCHS charity of choice (tbd).

Cost: $65

Influencers: Girlfriends, Social Media, Beauty & Jesus
Teacher: Mrs. Matthews
Location: On-Campus/last day local travel

Students will grow God-confidence, build others up, learn beauty and etiquette tips, and understand how to be an influencer (social media & real life) while always keeping Jesus #1!

Cost: $100 (includes a bag of beauty products from Ulta Beauty) + spending money (personal preference) for a coffee & Ulta outing

Introduction to Film
Teacher: Ms. Messick
Location: On-Campus

This course provides an overview of the cycle of a motion picture, how film emerges from stage performances, how filmmaking techniques influence the dramatic effects of movies, how blockbuster genres bring in large audiences, why four-quadrant films appeal to audiences, and how the structure of comedies caters to audiences’ expectations. Possible films include Toy Story (1995), Singin’ In the Rain (1952), Casablanca (1942), Jaws (1975), Rocky (1976), Star Wars (1977), Princess Bride (1987), The Lord of the Rings (2001).

Cost: $15

Physics and Metaphysics of Star Wars
Teacher: Mr. Powers
Location: On-Campus

Students will watch the Star Wars’ videos in sequence taking note of technology, science, and metaphysical references like space travel, hyper drives, and metaphysical questions compared to and related to the school’s theme–Identity in Christ. Students will also learn the use and application of science and technology, and how they can be used to walk with Jesus, fulfill our potential, and achieve great works.

Cost: $0

The Art of Short Story Writing
Teacher: Mrs. Schuler-Koltuk
Location: On-Campus

Students will create compelling short-stories with vivid characters, vibrant settings, and powerful messages while learning the writing process from pre-writing to publication.

Cost: $0

Broadcasting – Setup and Live Streaming
Teacher: Mr. Reiske
Location: On-Campus

Students will learn the basics of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and use the tools of the trade to produce their own live-streams for Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch.  Students who register for the course will receive a smartphone tripod and LED light.

Cost: $100

Competition for Life
Teacher: Keith Stonebreaker
Location: On-Campus

Students will explore physical gifts and talents through healthy competition.

Cost: $0

Experiencing Culture Through Movies and Music
Teacher: Dr. Taylor
Location: On-Campus

Culture is all around us. Even though travel is disrupted due to the pandemic, everyone experiences different cultures every day. From youth culture to organizational culture—from imported music to the varieties of foods we have to choose from—culture surrounds us. This J-term class will expand the student’s awareness of culture and its impact upon the world. A focus on culture that is revealed in various movies and music will help to broaden the student’s understanding of people made in the image of God.

Cost: $5

Habitat for Humanity
Teacher: Mr. Trice
Location: On-Campus/Local travel

This course will provide opportunities for helping the community in addition to learning new life skills in carpentry. Students would possibly be involved in activities such as renovating an existing structure, building a new house, or painting. The group might also work in the Restore. Students must be 16 years of age. Class size is limited to 5 students.

Cost: $50

Survival Skills
Teacher: Mr. Walton
Location: On-Campus

Students will learn about different types of situations that could be harmful and how to protect, defend, and help others in those situations. This course will also include CPR certification.

Cost: $200

Introduction to the French Language and its Vast Culture
Teacher: Mr. Scanell
Location: On-Campus

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the French language while also exploring various aspects of French culture.

Cost: $0