Current J-Term Opportunities

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J-Term is an exciting time in the life of DCHS. It provides time for students and teachers to follow their passions as they seek to know and do God’s will in their lives. For J-Term 2019, students have opportunities to grow through local and foreign missions as well as several academic courses. Listed below are this year’s course offerings.


Survival Skills & CPR/First Aid – Mr. Dan Walton

Cost – $350

This class will allow students to learn about survival skills in the real life situations they may face some day. It will better equip them to help and serve others in a time of need

Introduction to Film Studies – Mrs. Karen Messick

Cost – $80

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of the following: the cycle of a motion picture, how film emerges from stage performances, how filmmaking techniques influence the dramatic effects of movies, how blockbuster genres bring in large audiences, why four-quadrant films appeal to audiences, and how the structure of comedies caters to audiences’ expectations. In addition, with each film, students will consider how they can learn from movies, even poor ones. Some questions students will use to analyze the films include: What belief systems are represented? What do the characters value? What kinds of transformations do the characters undergo? What message does the moviegoer walk away with? And what does the message align with what you know to be true as a believer?

Logo Design – Mr. Eric Reiske

Cost – $85

The purpose of the Logo Design course is to expose students to the world of logo design and graphics.

Studying the Bible through Biblical Prophecy – Mr. Jeff Donihue

Cost – $25

The purpose of this course is to better understand the different approaches to biblical prophecy and the truth of God’s Word.

The Artist In You – Mrs. Kelley Ridley

Cost – $450

The purpose of this course is to help students find their inspiration and unlock their creativity through immersion in the world of arts. Students will explore various forms such as painting, do-it-yourself, poetry, music, cooking, dance, and henna.

Competition for Life – Mr. Keith Stonebraker

Cost – $30

Life IS a competition and it is important to know HOW to compete. During this course, we will explore both the physical and mental aspects of competition. Students will engage in competition through various challenges, games, and life-time sports. They will also learn and discuss techniques to build the mental “muscles” crucial for success in competition.


Habitat for Humanity – Dr. Craig Taylor

Cost – $50

Allow students to become the Hands and Feet of Jesus by serving his people by helping Habitat build homes and help to eliminate poverty housing.

Passion Conference – Mrs. Angel Magee

Cost – $700

To attend the well known conference in Atlanta, Georgia to spend in worship and fellowship with like-minded believers.

Traditional Spanish Foods & Music – Señor Justiniano Leon

Cost – $125

During this course, students will have the opportunity to learn to cook and to enjoy basic homemade dishes from Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America. These dishes will include and will not be limited to the making of tortillas españolas (Spain), chilaquiles ne salsa verder (Mexico), pupusas de loroco y queso (El Salvador), arroz con frijoles negros (Dominican Republic) and arepas (Venezuela & Colombia). For each Spanish country that we include during the course, there will be a traditional song or dance that will be included.

Internships – Mrs. Pip Craig

Cost – $25

Students contact prospective employers in a field of interest to them. The employer and the student fill out the Internship Packet which details the terms of the internship. Employers may not be immediate family members. Contact the staff person overseeing interns for information before selecting your internship location.

Jamaica Missions – Mr. Rusty Dukes, Pastor Tim Dukes

Cost – $1500

Participants will have the opportunity to minister to the people of Jamaica through a partnership with Teen Challenge. In addition to helping build dorms at Teen Challenge, teams will go out into the community to minister to those in prison, those living on the street, and children in local schools. This will be a life changing experience; both for the students and those they touch in Christ’s name.

Introduction to Theater – Mr. Ben Wilcox

Cost – TBA

The purpose of this course is to educate students on the importance of creativity in God’s design.

Science Adventures in Costa Rica – Mrs. Tiffany Haley

Cost – $2355

To explore and experience the world of science through adventures in a beautiful country.

China – Dr. Xiaoli Chen & Ms. Julie Eckels

Cost – $2300

DCHS students will experience a cross-world cultural exchange in Shanghai and Beijing, China. During this trip, students will serve senior citizens, special needs children and an orphanage, along with attending a Sunday worship service, sightseeing, and eating traditional Chinese food. Students will be able to see how God works outside of the United States.