As the 2019-2020 school year draws to a close at Delmarva Christian Schools, many of the school’s traditions have had to be altered. For instance, in lieu of commencement exercises for the 8th graders, Milton Campus teachers and staff organized a two-day 8th-Grade Parade to celebrate the students and their accomplishments.

“The Parade was the brainchild of our Science Teacher Miss Julie Eckels,” said Admissions and Events Coordinator Alison Kristunas. “We started by arriving at the school at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 28, to decorate our vehicles with inspiring messages for our awesome students. Then, we traveled throughout the county with stops as far as Seaford delivering gift bags to all of our twenty six (26) 8th-grade students.”

Each bag contained a 2020 graduation tassel, a Certificate of Completion, a small poster filled with notes of encouragement from teachers and staff, a hand-drawn portrait of the recipient created by DCMC Art Teacher Miss Ashley Houtz, Sour Patch candy (a class favorite), Delmarva Christian swag, and a book entitled, “Bible Promises for Teens.”

“Everyone had a blast seeing the students and presenting the gift bags,” continued Mrs. Kristunas. “It was especially fun because the students were sending group chats that created a buzz and had everyone waiting with great anticipation for our arrival. Even people we didn’t know got caught up in the excitement as they honked their horns and waved at us along the way. It was definitely a special event; one we hope our students will remember for years to come.”

(Above) Appropriately practicing social distancing, 8th-grade student Harry Montgomery eagerly collects his gift bag from his math teacher Mrs. Allison Workman.

The DCMC 8th graders spent a good portion of the day in a group chat alerting their friends that DCMC staff members were on their way. For Chloe Hunt, seeing the gift bearers was just as special as receiving the gift.
With DCMC Admissions and Events Coordinator Mrs. Alison Kristunas at the wheel and DCMC Math Teacher Miss Allison Workman by her side, Kaylee Lewis eagerly receives her special delivery.
After sprinting from his home to the awaiting car, Sean Dawson is all smiles with gift bag in hand.
DCMC 8th-grade student Paula Cortes approaches the parade of cars and the enthusiastic faces of her teachers.
A team of nine Delmarva Christian Milton Campus (DCMC) staff members and one underclassman took to the streets delivering messages of encouragement and bags of gifts to 26 DCMC 8th graders last Thursday and Friday. The team included (front) DCMC Admissions & Events Coordinator Alison Kristunas, DCMC Middle School Science Teacher Miss Julie Eckels, DCMC Art Teacher Miss Ashley Houtz, (back) DCMC Music Teacher Mr. Jason Evans, DCMC Student B.J. Hague, DCMC Middle School English Teacher Mrs. Jessica Hague, DCMC Principal Mr. Drew Jensen, DCMC Administrative Assistant Mrs. Toni Buckley, and DCMC Middle School Math Teacher Allison Workman. (Not pictured DCMC Computer Teacher Mary Patterson).
A hand-drawn portrait of every 8th-grade DCMC student was created by DCMC Art Teacher Miss Ashley Houtz and included the student’s gift bag.