At the conclusion of their study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Jekyll and Hyde,” Mrs. Kelley Ridley’s English IV students hosted an interactive party for DCHS parents, staff, and the entire student body. In preparation, the students researched all facets of Victorian society in order to re-create an atmosphere of 1850 Victorian London. The research led them to better understand the scientific explorations, division of the classes, recreational activities, educational opportunities, and medicinal practices of the time.

“This presentation of Jekyll & Hyde is set in the Victorian era where class structures were greatly divided,” said Mrs. Ridley. “In order for the students to really understand the meaning of the book, it was important for them to grasp the mindset of the people–the culture, the struggles, and the hypocrisy.”

During the two-hour event, the students dressed in 19th-century garb and, as they took on various roles, they explained and/or demonstrated the many themes found in Stevenson’s book. Guests were also treated to a dance performance, a scientific “experiment,” and a horse race.

English IV students dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” engage in a horse race, and conduct scientific experiments for guests at the Jekyll & Hyde interactive party.