At Delmarva Christian High School, the annual J-Term with its vast array of course offerings is an integral part of the school’s Program of Study. Every January opportunities are provided to students in grades 9 through 12 enabling them to pursue passions while seeking and discerning God’s call on their lives. Although some adjustments had to be made this year due to COVID state mandates, Delmarva Christian students were still able to continue the tradition through in-person internship experiences and enriching academic activities.

Courses offered included Beginner Sewing Circle; Broadcasting—Set-up and Live Streaming; Business Internships; College Explorations; Competition For Life; Experiencing Culture Through Movies and Music; Experiencing the History and Entertainment of Gaming; Influencers: Girlfriends, Social Media, Beauty, and Jesus; Introduction to Film; Physics and Metaphysics of Star Wars; Survival Skills; The Art of Disney; and The Art of Short Story Writing.

CAPTION (Photo Above): High school students enrolled in the Beginner Sewing Circle began by learning basic sewing machine operations (of old and new) and then transitioned to sewing ¼” seam allowances, using rotary cutters, reading patterns, and learning how to properly measure. When all was said and done, the students made standard-sized pillowcases and, working together, a beautiful quilt that will be donated to someone special battling cancer.

Students in the Art of Short Story Writing learned to create compelling short stories with vivid characters, vibrant settings, and powerful messages while also learning the writing process from prewriting to publication.
The Competition for Life J-term course enabled students to explore their physical gifts and talents through numerous activities and healthy competition. Throughout the course students discussed, embraced, and practiced positive, encouraging, and edifying attitudes and perspectives.
Throughout J-term, students enrolled in the Art of Disney J-term class examined the beloved works that began with Walt Disney. In addition to exploring the art of Disney animation and live-action films, the students unpacked the storytelling vision of the Disney brand and learned how that vision transcends to the company’s theme parks and merchandise.
During this year’s J-Term Survival Skills class, students learned how to protect, defend, and help others when faced with harmful and potentially dangerous situations. Many days were spent outdoors in cold January temperatures.
The Influencers J-term course provided students the opportunity to explore their unique beauty, inside and out, and reminded them how they are wonderfully made. The students learned that a true influencer isn’t about the filtered image they put out to the world, but is in fact about how they build up and encourage others on a daily basis. In addition, students learned proper etiquette practices as well as the correlation between good health and a good skincare regime from guest speaker and esthetician Michelle Green.

While focusing on the influence video games have today, students in the Experiencing the History and Entertainment of Gaming J-term course devoted each day to exploring the history of specific games and the technological advances that have been made in past fifty-plus years.
This J-term a large number of students engaged in Business Internship opportunities where they received real-life work experiences enabling them to explore and discern God’s call on their lives. Over 20 different businesses and organizations participated in welcoming and training the students.
The purpose of the Broadcasting—Set-up and Live Streaming J-term course was for students to learn the basics of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), the operation of audio/video equipment, and the proper layout of cables/wires/cords in order to produce live-stream broadcasts and video recordings for Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch.
Students enrolled in the Culture through Movies and Music course watched a total of eight (8) foreign films to gain awareness and to better understand different cultures and their impact on the world. Students heard stories of a young Saudi Arabian girl battling traditional Muslin rules that banned her from riding a bike; children in the slums of India petitioning for clean drinking water, polio vaccines, and co-ed soccer; and a young Malawian child who designed a windmill to irrigate the family farm.
In the “The Physics and Metaphysics of Star Wars’’ students were transported through space and time as they viewed a series of “Star Wars” films. Throughout they discussed the science and technologies presented in each movie to include metaphysical references such as space travel and hyper drives. They investigated gravity–and no gravity, questions as to whether or not space is empty or of texture, and the possibility of traveling through space time by folding space and tunneling. They also focused on the school’s theme “Identity in Christ” and pondered hard questions regarding consciousness, the source of experiences, and the relations with an identity in Christ. Discussions surrounding wave-particle duality, and the Hysenbery Uncertainly Principle and Quantum Entanglement concluded the course.
Collaborating together, the Beginner Sewing Circle students created a large quilt to be donated to a former DCS family member battling a fight with cancer.