Delmarva Christian Schools celebrated the 30th anniversary of the See You At The Pole (SYATP) event a little differently this year. With COVID-19 safety protocols in place, students in grades PreK through 12 gathered outdoors in small groups throughout the day instead of the traditional full-school morning start.

“Even though we weren’t able to meet as one large group, our focus remained the same,” said DCHS Social Studies and Bible teacher Jeff Donihue who organized this year’s event at the high school. “By God’s grace we were still together praying as a unified voice for students and teachers all over the world, our community members, our schools, our government officials, our families, and our friends.”

The annual global day of student prayer is held the fourth Wednesday of September each year. The selection of this year’s SYATP theme, “Return, Restore, Revive,” was based on the scriptural passage found in 2 Kings 23:25.

(Above) Both Mrs. Diane Camper and Mrs. Nancy Shoemaker’s Pre-kindergarten classes recite pledges to the Bible, the American flag, and the Christian flag before praying for the community and the country. DCMC PreK students Kaelynn Peet and Sophia Stelmokaitis hold the Bible and the American flag respectively before their classmates.

As the high school’s Biblical Life Calling students gather around the flagpole, DCHS teacher and coach Mr. Keith Stonebraker presents a challenge of compassion, humility, like-mindedness, and love for one another. He shares the need to change perspectives and to see all people as being precious and having value.
One of the new DCMC students, Christopher Pinera, joins fellow sixth-grade classmates as they socially distance around the flagpole during the annual “See You At The Pole” event on Wednesday, September 23.
After delivering a short message focusing on unity and respect, Mr. Keith Stonebraker leads fellow high school teacher Mr. Richard Trice and his Algebra I students in prayer.
Sixth-grade Delmarva Christian student Diego Guajardo prays intently for his school and his community.